Monday, 2 May 2011

Magpie Monday - Small but Beautiful

I had a couple of conversations on Twitter last night and I thought it was time to clarify again what Magpie Monday is all about.

When I started this feature, the idea was that this would be a place where people could share their 2nd hand finds - whatever they may be.  I want this to be a celebration of anti-consumerism. To show people that purchases can be made without having to buy new, without using up valuable resources and energy, by reusing objects that others have finished with.  Items that would otherwise end up in landfill.

You don't have to share something worthy of a slot on the Antiques Roadshow.  Buying a book from a charity shop rather than new, saves materials and energy and that's to be celebrated.  Equally if you've bought an appliance on eBay or a computer from the classified section of your paper, then I'd love to hear about it.  I want Magpie Monday to inspire others, that we don't need to purchase new all the time.
I'm really hoping that there's lots of lovely link-ups today because my finds have been thin on the ground.  Trying to abide by my 'only if it fits in my handbag' rule and the dearth of 'normal working days' has resulted in slim pickings.  On the whole I have stuck to the handbag rule - with the exception of the Laura Ashley occasional table I bought at a car boot yesterday - whoops!  But that's ok because the old man was with me and knew all about it - in fact he got the pleasure of carrying it home!  I'm not showing it this week because its a 'doer-upper' and I have big plans for it.  We'll see if it comes off...

I got a couple of bits in a charity shop the other week which seemed to be screaming my name.  They didn't fit with last week's post, but as I was queueing up paying for a plastic dinosaur, I was idly picking over a basket of bits and bobs on the counter.  I spotted some stamps for £1 each.  I know these are really expensive in art and craft shops, and these were clearly intended for me.

A decorative initial 'R' (for Ruby) and a Labrador (just like Ella).  There was also a little silver ink pad for 50p so I had that too.  What are the chances? They were the only stamps in the basket, and they were just perfect.  Ruby's been having fun using them to sign cards from herself and Ella.

Of course, in the week I did get some crochet doilies which I dyed and made bowls with in a moment of craftiness.  You can click here and find out how to make them.

The only other finds this week came from yesterday's car boot sale.  A very odd affair. On one of the hottest days of the year, it was indoors, with about 6 manky trestle tables and a whole lot of tat.  With the exception of the rule-breaking table, I managed to find this little carved wooden box for 50p:

It's very tactile and I like the fact that it's heart shaped.  Ruby also likes to keep opening it up and sniffing inside - it has the aroma of pencil shavings!  It's going to make a jewellery box - either for me or her, depending who wins the fight.

Speaking of jewellery, my final purchase was this cute little necklace.  It looked very incongruous on the stall and leapt out at me.  It's a handpainted wooden Russian Doll pendant and mine for a quid!  I love it.

So, what thriftiness have you all been up to?  Please do grab the badge below and add it to your post, then link up below.  Or, you can join in on Twitter by posting a picture with the hashtag #MagpieMonday.

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  1. ooooooh I adore the stamps (used to be a bit of a stamp addict) Also love the russian doll necklace and the wooden!!

  2. Hi lovely, what cute stamps - definitely put there by the gods of charity shopping just for you. I managed to snag a load of Christmas ones for 25p each recently when a branch of Sussex Stationers was closing down - they're at least £2.50/£3 usually. Love the little box and necklace too - I guess having small boys gives me the advantage that they're not usually going to fight me for my finds!

  3. lovely stamps and the russian doll is very cute id have snapped her up too :)
    Am sorry but no offerings from me again this week as ive not been able to go to any charity shops or bootsales as been so busy, im getting withdrawal symptoms tho so weds morning im heading out to the hospice shop and hope to have some finds for next monday hehe

  4. aww sorry to hear it was not as expected after you were so excited to be going booting. Often the way. Love what you did with the doilies, I have seen a similar paper bowl somewhere. Very clever. xx
    Better luck next week xx

  5. Love the stamps my fav dog I had to give away b4 we moved was a Lab and my 2nd grandaughter is Ruby lol so I would have grabbed those stamps too My thriftiness has been sad as lately

  6. I love your finds, the stamps seem perfect... the little wooden box is beautiful :)

  7. Love the stamps especially the labrador one as I currently have 5 labradors here but it was 10 last week so making progress on the puppy front.
    Good idea to dye the crochet things - clever you and I love the shade of crimson.
    Have a thing about Russian Dolls so love your pendant too.
    Look forward to seeing the table in due course.
    Will be joining in later as currently trying to secure a bargain tent and a bargain computer. More if it happens and will link up anyway as had a good ol' week of bargain hunting. Stop stressing about Magpie Monday - we love it!

  8. My first Magpie Monday post! I love the necklace you have picked up I have a similar one purchased from Avon of all places! Heres to many more posts!

  9. the dollies craft is so lovely and creative! The stamps are so pretty too!


  10. I love those doilie baskets, they're fab. I might have a go at making some myself ;-)

  11. Love the doiles much better than cram ones.

  12. And I'm back! Really enjoyed doing this again, it's great to look through everyone's finds!

  13. The russian doll is adorable - I wonder if she was stolen from the womb of a set? they seemed to once have really tiny dolls in the centre but modern versions are less detailed. She's lovely - have you named her?

  14. I had to link to something with magpie in the name! This is my first visit, but certainly not my last. Thanks for hosting!

  15. Oh wow, i have the exact same heartshaped wooden box. My mum brought it back from one of her many holidays in greece and I've always kept jewellery in it. I love mine, hope you do too! x