Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Persil Cook With Kids Promise

Recent research undertaken by Persil, found that 88% of parents avoid cooking with this kids because of the mess they might make.

This is such a shame.  Cooking with your children is not only great fun; a chance to chat and catch up with them, it's also an important life skill for them to learn; can help broaden their tastes; helps with fussy eaters; gives them an interest in how food is prepared and where it comes from and encourages healthy eating.

So Persil have come up with the Cook with the Kids Promise.  You can sign up and pledge to spend more time baking and mess-making and receive your free downloadable kit full of activities and recipes to try.

Not only that, but each person who signs up will have the chance to win a kid-friendly baking kit in their weekly draws, and an overall prize of a kids party worth £500.

Their new formula dish-washing liquid means a bottle of Persil will now clean around 1,400 more plates than before - so there's no excuse not to make a little mess!

We were invited along to a special launch event, to get a little (well, ok, a LOT) messy ourselves.

There was a demonstration session where the kids learnt how to make pizza and then they got on an made their own smiley face pizzas, as well as a little cupcake decoration.

After lunch had been cooked and polished off, it was time for the mother of all food fights.

A mini army of white boiler suited crime scene investigators descended and all hell let loose with squirty cream flying, spaghetti hurling and strawberries squelching.  What fun!

Hopefully your kitchen won't resemble this after a cooking session with the kids, this was extreme!  But do please sign up and promise to spend more time together in the kitchen.

Disclosure: We were invited to attend the launch event at our own expense.  A goody bag was provided. Persil donated all left-over unused food and made a financial donation to a food bank charity.


  1. Oh wow, that looks like such great fun! I love cooking with kids. And mess can always be cleaned.

  2. Oh that does look like a fun event. When I read Persil I thought you meant for washing their clothes afterwards! My husband makes a mess when he's cooking too, I think it's just important that they also learn about clearing away afterwards.

  3. Oh my! That looks amazing! I love cooking with the girls especially when it's not for a blog post so they can be as messy as they like.

  4. That looks fun and love the smiley face pizza

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! WHAT FUN!!!!!!!

  6. That looks amazing! I was a bit worried about the wasted food, but glad persil made the donation.

  7. Really? Avoiding cooking with your kids to avoid mess, that's so sad.We need food to survive and you're depriving child/children of essential life skills.It looks like you all had great fun which is also why we all should cook with our kids too.