Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Barbie the Pearl Princess - and 10 Mermaid Activities

We recently went along to Vue cinema for a special screening of the brand new Barbie film, Barbie the Pearl Princess.

Vue cinemas offer great family viewing with weekend movies for the kids from only £1.75 as part of their Kids AM package.

We were treated to delicious princess cake pops by Kimberley Cake Pops and wands and tiaras for all the little attendees by Fancy Dress Ball together with fabulous face painting.

Ruby loves all things Barbie, so naturally enjoyed the film.  I quite liked the fact that all the positive lead characters were female, and that the heroine didn't need to 'find a man' to fulfil her destiny - that makes a change!

So after the film screening and the Barbie Mermaid swim session the previous week, we've been submersed in all things mermaid ever since.

1. Mermaid Bath-time:

I set up a special mermaid treat for Ruby's bathtime last night.  She's almost grown out of playing with toys in the bath, but she loved the 'spa experience' of this.  I found some 'underwater' relaxing spa music to play, set up the bathroom with crepe paper 'seaweed' and made up a door sign with my Cricut Mini from some holographic paper salvaged from a gift bag.

To add to the underwater vibe, we coloured the bath water with a green bathbomb and added some shells to pour and play with.  We listened to the shells to see if we could hear the ocean.

The bathroom was lit with seashell candles (learn how to make them here), and she was allowed to wear a special 'mermaid necklace' in the water.

This was such a big hit!  She LOVED her special mermaid bathtime, and has already asked when we can do it again.

2. Discovering Pearls -Magical Activity

Family Days, Tried and Tested has some fabulous activities on her blog and Facebook page.  I love how she makes even the mundane magical, and this pearl activity is no exception.  Check it out on her Facebook page.

3. Make a Treasure Chest

Hodge Podge Craft has this wonderful mini treasure box to make on her blog - just perfect for keeping your pearls and jewels in. Or you could try my tutorial for DIY pirate treasure gold coins.

4. Make a no-sew Mermaid Tail

Green Mum's Blog has this clever tutorial for a simple mermaid's tail - perfect for dressing up.  I love the clever upcycling here.

5. Clothes Peg Mermaids

Red Ted Art has these adorable mermaids made from pegs.  You're bound to have everything you need at home to make these lovelies.

6. Loo Roll Mermaids

Red Ted Art also has these toilet roll tube mermaids - again, I love something made out of junk.

7. Sea Shell Box

We made this little keepsake shell box a while ago after a trip to the beach. Ruby still uses it to keep her little treasures in.

8. Sea Shell Picture Frame

Here Come the Girls makes this delightful sea shell picture frame. Perfect for photos of your little mermaids!

9. Make a Jelly Fish

Green Mum's Blog again, this time with a fabulous jelly fish you can make. Perfect for party decor.

10. Mermaid seascape in a jar

I made this seaside in a jar to show off our collection of beach finds last year.  So simple to make as a holiday keepsake, and a mermaid adds a little fantasy to it!

  Do you have a favourite mermaid craft? Have you seen the Barbie Pearl Princess film yet?


  1. Ah that looks like it was a lovely event ! Mermaid tastic on your blog today - I might go out just in a bra in honour. Or maybe not...

  2. oh my goodness, these ideas are all amazing Liz!

  3. Awwww these are such lovely ideas!!

  4. What fab ideas, I will definately be doing some with Erin. She classes herself as a mermaid as swims better than she walks. She also prefers being in water to be on her feet!

  5. wow! There i was thinking that the Barbie film while nice is not really my thing, and then you pulled out all those amazing mermaid craft ideas!!! what great ideas for budding mermaids everywhere x x

  6. Oooh, I want a mermaid bathtime spa!!

    Love the shellbox and seaside in a jar too.
    Thanks so much for including our treasure chests :)

  7. I love this post some great ideas here

  8. I LOVE the idea of a mermaid bath, I'm definitely going to do this for my little girl!

  9. Awwww you are such a fab Mum. Love the mermaid bath idea. xx

  10. I love the idea of the home spa, I must do this for Roo!

  11. I want a mermaid bath! I'm off to hunt out green bath bombs ad jewellery to wear in the bath !

  12. Oh I want a mermaid bath too! Need!! That's for joining in with Tuesday Tutorials :)

  13. looks like you had a fabulous time and what fantastic ideas, now off to run myself a mermaid bath..

  14. I love the mermaid bath - so much fun! I went as a mermaid in a fancy dress parade when I was little and my mum hadn't stuck my scales on properly and they dropped everywhere I went!

    Thanks for including my shells too!