Wednesday 12 February 2014

How to make a fairy tale lace crown

Over on the Fairy Tales hangout this week, I shared this simple but delicate lace crown.

Ruby loves to wear it and it's currently accessorising one of her favourite Disney Princess outfits!

It's simple to make, the kid's can get involved, you just need a little patience for the drying time.

You will need:

A length of cotton crocheted lace, the wider the better (cut to length by measuring your child's head and allow a few centimetres overlap)

Some gold or silver paint - I used DYLON fabric paint which works well but as this isn't going to be washed, you could use acrylics or even spray paint

PVA (white/school) glue

Some stick on gems to decorate

Begin by laying out a length of cling film to protect your surface.

Completely cover your lace in PVA glue - it's easier to do this in a bowl rather than painting it on. Give it a good squeeze to make sure it's totally saturated.  This is the same sort of process I used for my doily bowls.

Then lay it out flat on the cling film, smoothing it out so it's neat and straight.  Leave overnight to dry.

Now you can paint the band.  Leave to dry between coats and before you turn it over to paint the reverse.

When fully dry, attach your gems then overlap the ends and secure to make the crown (I used a glue gun for this).

Do your little ones love fairy tale dressing up?  What's their favourite story and outfit?


  1. Very sweet, I think Syd would like one of these, he is a big fan of hats!

  2. At the moment Lisi has quite long hair and is fancying her self as your crown

  3. This is so gorgeous I am sure any little girl would love to make one

  4. This is so simple and beautiful ..... even I could make it :-)

  5. Such a simple but very sweet idea. I have pinned it to my dressing up board.

  6. My 3yo would love this! She adores crowns x

  7. this is so cute! My 5 year old would love this!

  8. Ooooh dress up always goes down well on this house!

  9. We are watching a Disney princess movie this morning, and of course we are in costume *ahem* this would be perfect, as the crowns that come with these costume, are never any good. Looks fab Liz!