Tuesday 11 February 2014

Barbie Mermaid Swim School - free half term activity

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Barbie movie, Universal have teamed up with Virgin Active Gyms nationwide to offer an exclusive swim session.

Barbie The Pearl Princess DVD

Barbie™ The Pearl Princess is available on DVD from 17th February, and a range of Barbie™ The Pearl Princess dolls and a playset is also available.  The film, set in a magical underwater kingdom sees Barbie™ transformed into Lumina, a mermaid with a royal secret. Join her and her seahorse best friend, Kuda, as they embark on an aquatic adventure and watch as she discovers her true destiny and ultimately saves the kingdom.

Little fans can also re-create her adventures and learn to dive for 'pearls'; ride 'seahorses'; explore underwater kingdoms and swim like a real mermaid at 50 Virgin Active pools across the country on Wednesday 19th February.

The sessions are open to children ages 3-6  and are free to both members and non-members.  Head to the Virgin Active website for more details and to book your place.

Small groups of children will be taught and supervised by trained swimming teachers and the lessons are accredited by the Swimming Teachers Association.  At the end of the session and each swimmer will also receive an exclusive Barbie™ Swim Diploma.

We went along to the preview event at the Virgin Active gym in Islington this weekend, and Ruby had an absolute blast.  She goes to regular swimming lessons every week, but this was so much more engaging and interactive, it was a joy to watch her imagination soar as the instructors led her into the magical world full of underwater delights.

Barbie Mermaid Swim School

Pool noodles became rainbows or seahorses to ride; plastic balls were transformed into magical pearls; hoops enabled underwater diving and the children were encouraged to gain confidence underwater by exploring the creatures on the submerged special raised platforms.

She perfected the mermaid body wiggle stroke and learnt to kick keeping her knees together.

Free children's swim session

Virgin Active Gym Pool - Barbie Swim session

Barbie Mermaid Swim School

Barbie Mermaid Swim Pearls

By the end of the session she didn't want to come out, but she was coaxed back ashore with the promise of her certificate - which she's taken into school today for show and tell!

Barbie Mermaid Free Swimming class

I'd thoroughly recommend these sessions, so why not head over and book your free place now.

Disclosure: We were invited to the preview event. All views expressed are my own.


  1. What a lovely idea and sessions, she looks like she had a ball - such a shame my kids are just that little bit too old otherwise I am sure they would have loved this...they ADORE swimming!

  2. That is brilliant! Jacob's favourite part of the whole swimming term is the final lesson where he gets to put on a sharkfin and pretend!
    Ruby looks like she had a fantastic time :-)

  3. Swimming is SUCH an important life skill, looks like you had a great session. We will be doing a crash course again this half term!

  4. This looks like such a great idea to motivate children to learn to swim and improve their skills. I love the idea of a theme with diving for pearls and riding seahorses. Brilliant!

  5. Ah that looks like so much fun for the kids. What an original way to promote a video too!

  6. I have seen this advertised and am absolutely gutted that Sophie is just a little bit too young (shes 3 in May) but if they run them in the future I will definitely sign her up, they look like great fun and being a total water baby, she will love it!!

  7. This looks like such a great idea, mine are a bit little at the moment but it looks like such a lot of fun, so glad that your daughter enjoyed it :)

  8. What a brilliant idea, Sausage would LOVE this. Also, Ruby's cossie is absolutely fabulous!

  9. Aww what a fun time, The twins would have loved this but we had a party to go to, I shall be looking in to classes close to home as they adore swimming

  10. So sweet! That looks like so much fun. Lovely write up too Liz x