Wednesday 19 February 2014

5 ways to make moving fun for everyone

Moving is a hassle, there is no getting away from it. In fact, it is entirely possible to describe it as unrelenting catastrophe waiting to happen and still not do the whole process justice.

Keeping all that in mind, the following tips are designed to help you stay further from the edge than you might otherwise be when moving into a new house.

1.     Make it a game, silly!

This is an obvious one, but children can get fractious and anxious about moving to a new home. They’re taking your word for it that everything will still be the same as before and involving them is a great way to calm their fears.

Help them settle by making decorations for their new room; make a treasure map and hide it in boxes containing their items. Then, when you help them unpack, everything new is introduced in a fun way and they have something special for their new space.

2.     Places people, photo-call:

Finding time for a last few photos might seem maudlin, but capturing the last few memories doesn’t have to be. Pose in whatever fashion you like and have a send-off to celebrate, rather than mourning the loss of your old home.

3.     Musical interlude

Find something with a beat, Latin dances are a good place to start, and change out the car-trip soundtrack for something to get you going. As long as you’re moving and making an effort to keep the day light-hearted, it doesn’t matter what you listen to.

Never underestimate the power of music to breeze you right on through the most boring of tasks, even if your moves leave something to be desired.

4.     Surprises

Little touches like upcycling cherished possessions or secretly assembling that dreaded flat-pack furniture as surprises for other members of your household come move time will really be appreciated. Showing how much you value your home life will help everyone to feel more reassured as you make the transition to a new home.

5.     Grown up priorities

No-one’s perfect and even with the best will in the world, getting everything sorted quickly in a new house just isn’t going to happen. Nice wine; cutlery; bedding; the kettle. All these things (and more) should be in easy-to-reach boxes – why make unpacking any harder than it needs to be?

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative guest post.


  1. They say it's the third most stressful thing after bereavement and divorce but you have (delightfully) made it sound like a breeze! X

  2. I hate moving house. It fills me with dread! I remember being halfway between my flat and my first house and going on strike. Which is why I like the fifth suggestion of wine .... this may have made things a little more bearable! :-)

  3. As far as I am concerned I agree - a good Latin beat makes EVERYTHING easier. :)

  4. oliver and i had been together two years, and on our moving day we had our very first argument, such a stressful event

  5. I hate moving! The last time I moved was two weeks after a c-section, with newborn twins and a 2 year old! Stress wasn't the word I would have used. :)

  6. what great ideas, thank you for sharing, I will be asking for a reminder if I ever move house x

  7. Great suggestions there, thanks.

  8. i hate hate hate moving! i am one that needs stability and in spite of this i moved various times.

  9. Moving is only fun when the removal men come and pack it all up for you. Seriously though it is too stressful to enjoy or make fun