Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hanging out with Kirstie Allsopp

Yep. You read that right.  Me, and Kirstie hanging out via the power of Google Plus.

And I was very well behaved too.  I didn't try and stroke her hair. Or tell her that I love her. Or that she's basically my all-time crafting; vintage-loving; dress-wearing heroine.

Check us out chatting about her new range of craft kits available at Hobbycraft.

(With Anthea from Blue Bear Wood and Zing Zing Tree and Pippa from A Mother's Ramblings)

What a lovely natter about all things crafty.

I can't wait to try out some of her new range of kits.  The styling and projects have her familiar stamp of vintage-homeliness and country crafts, and you can choose from:

Candle Making Kit £20

This kit contains everything you will need to create beautifully handcrafted pillar candles.  With a reusable 3” diameter pillar candle mould, and 1kg of wax, plus all the accessories needed. You can create many candles for your home, or they can be beautifully wrapped and given as gift.

Natural Soap Making Kit £25

The Natural Soap Kit contains everything you will need to create handcrafted soap with essential oil and dry lavender flowers.  With 1kg of oils and butters, plus all the accessories needed, you can create a wide variety of soaps to use

Lavender Bath Bombes Kit £20

Lavender Bath Bombe Kit contains everything you need to create fizzing bombes with essential oil and dry lavender flowers. With 4 reusable sphere moulds, plus all the accessories needed, you can create effervescent and beautifully fragrance bombes to add a relaxing blitz to your baths

Stamp & Stationery Kit £25

With seven collectable wood mounted stamp designs, plus all the accessories needed with the Stamp & Stationery Kit, you can create personalised cards, invitations, envelopes, table settings, thank you notes and so much more. 

Patchwork Apron Kit £20

The Patchwork Apron Kit contains everything you need (bar the sewing machine!), to create a beautiful handmade apron.  No need to wrestle painstakingly with cutting out paper patterns and matching onto fabric!  You can straight from the pre-printed panel design to create your very own pinny – a treat for yourself or gift wrap for a truly personal gift.

Needle Felting Kit £20

Create beautiful dry felted accessories with the Needle Felting Kit, with 200g of Merino Wool and an elegant Multi Needle Tool, you can create everything from felt buttons and brooches to beads for jewellery making.

Fabric Covered Notebook Kit £20

This kit includes everything you need (bar the sewing machine and scissors) to create 4 beautiful fabric covered notebooks. With quality notebook included, and additional embellishments and fabric tags too, you will soon be creating stunning covers to keep.

Vanilla Votive Candle Kit £12.50

With a reusable moulds, 1kg of wax, plus all the accessories needed to make beautiful votive candles this kit is the perfect way to get started; whether you are making candles for your home or as a gift

Button Kit £20

Each Button Kit contains an eclectic assortment of buttons, antique charms and findings, to create beautifully handcrafted jewellery, accessories, home décor projects and more.  With all the little nick-nacks included, you can create bespoke accessories to add a unique touch to your handmade project.

Rose Bath Bombes Kit £20

Each Rose Bath Bombe Kit contains everything you need to create fizzing bombes with essential oil and dry rose flowers. With 4 reusable sphere moulds, plus all the accessories needed, you can create effervescent and beautifully fragrance bath bombes

Kirstie Allsopp:

"From candle making to felting, and sewing to stamping, our easy to follow step by steps will demystify popular crafting techniques and help you achieve beautiful handmade results.”

So, pop down to your local Hobbycraft now, or check check them out online and try out a new craft - who knows, it might become your new favourite hobby!


  1. How exciting! All the kits are so tempting, it is such a great idea and I do love Kirstie Allsopp.

  2. I love Kirstie, she is just so approachable. I really want to check out the stamp and stationery kit (I love my stationery)

  3. I am not crafty. In the slightest. But by god I want all of that lot.

    And Kirstie. Can we kidnap her and make her do all the bunting etc for the blogger commune we are going to set up? And make her Dorm Mother? or something.

  4. Was such a FUN hangout!! Great to see it again!

  5. Ohhhh I would love a candle kit! I am a candle lover... I'm surprised my electric bill is so high actually.

  6. Awesome hangout....I LOVE her, and you of course. And would totally want to stroke your hair too ;) In a totally non-stalky way of course *hides*

  7. I used to save up my pocket money to buy craft kits like this and find myself stroking the screen at the look of these. I also seem to be having flashbacks of a piece of family history about me and my dad writing off a series of my mum's pans making candles

  8. I watched the hangout with great interest - and you were very well behaved! I'm going to have to search out the needle felting kit - always wanted to give it a try and never have - maybe I'll drop hints when someone wants to buy me a present next !

  9. Wow to that hangout, and you looked quite unphased by it all, very well behaved! I love the look of the candle making set

  10. I'm jealous - first Linda Barker, now Dame Kirsty (is she a Dame yet?) - you have all the best mates. And all those kits look fab - I want.

  11. Get you lady! Some of these look really lovely, and hopefully even manageable for a crafting dunce like me...

  12. I loved the Google+ hangout.I so need all of the kits in my life right now.She is a clever lady isn't she?