Friday, 30 March 2012

Just Because I Love You Book

Like a lot of Daddies, Ruby's Dad works long hours.  He has a long commute too so is frequently out of the house for 12-13 hours a day.  Often he misses meal times together, and sometimes he misses bedtime too.  His job can be stressful, he often doesn't get chance to phone during the day and I know he misses her terribly.  He also 'hot-desks' which means he doesn't even have his own work station where he can display a photo or pin up a drawing.

So, for Father's Day I've come up with a present that I hope he will LOVE.

It's his 'just because I love you book' to keep in his jacket pocket.  When he's missing his little girl, he can open it up and flick through to pick out a little hug.

You'll need:

Thick card (I used an unwanted picture mount)
Decorative paper (I used wallpaper, but you could use wrapping paper, painted paper or paper your child has decorated)
Ribbon or elastic to tie
Glue stick

We've been saving little mementos for a while for this book, and we'll continue to add for the next few months but some ideas of things you can pop in are:

Notes or favourite sayings about love
Hand prints
Photos of memorable days or trips
Swatches of fabric from favourite baby clothes
Lock of hair
Hair ribbon/bobble

To make:

1. Cut out 2 identical size squares from the thick card - make sure it will fit in his pocket!  I based mine on the dimensions of his wallet and cut squares 10cm x 10cm.

2. Cut out 2 pieces of your decorative paper, the same size as the card but + 3cm larger all round.

3. On one book end (the rear) lay out with the paper first, your ribbon running across the middle, then your card on top.  Now cut slits in the appropriate point on the decorative paper so you can thread the ribbon to the front.

4. Trim off the corners and glue together, covering the outsides of the book ends.  Don't worry too much about neatness on the inside as the paper of your book will cover this.

5. Cut a long strip of paper for your folded book.  The width should be approximately 1-2cm less than the size of your book boards.  Fold back and forth into squares in concertina fashion.

6. Glue the first and last 'page' to the inside of your book boards making your concertina book.

7. Tie ribbon to hold closed and trim back to required length. Tip: you might want to use a thinner ribbon, mine looks a bit girly when tied in a bow, but luckily he's in touch with his feminine side!

8. Fill up this inside pages with pictures; notes; photos etc.

I hope this will bring a smile when his boss says he has to stay late and he'll miss bedtime stories, or his train has been delayed (again).

What would you put in yours?

Hop on over to Red Ted Art to find more fabulous gifts for him.


  1. Such a sweet idea. I wish I had time to make one of these. LOVE this.

    1. Ahh thank you. Seriously, it didn't take long - maybe 20 minutes to make. Then you can just add to it as you go along, sticking a picture in from school/nursery etc. x

  2. That is such a gorgeous idea, I would love to do this with mine!

    1. Thank you! It's easy-peasy, give it a go :0)

  3. Thats a lovely idea, my hubby isn't nostalgic or sentimental at all so wouldn't appreciate it! But thankfully he has a pretty flexible job and manages to see us alot, we are very blessed with that.
    Aqeela xx

  4. Oh this is lovely idea, I think this would be great for grandparents too!

  5. This is an absolutely beautiful idea and the sort of thing I would cherish forever but after the inital opening my OH wouldn't think about it again, he's not sentimental! May just make one for me!!x

  6. Such a lovely idea I included this post in my weekly round up!


  7. fabulous idea, I have a Ruby too x

  8. This is great! My husband is going to be starting a job that consist of more time at work, and less time at home. He isn't a sentimental type of person, but he loves his family to no end. Thank you for this idea to help him through this transition.

  9. Oh, this is so cute. I made this for my dad for Christmas, and he absolutely loved it! Instead of drawings, and things like that, I decided to use alot of photos from the time I was born until now. It's a really fun project and something that will be cherished forever.

  10. This is such a cute idea, and seems easy! I am planning on making it for my dad's birthday. Thank you so much! There are so many things you could put in there. I'm thinking of writing a poem to him! Thanks again! :)

  11. this is the sweetest thing, love the lock of hair and the sweet photo!

  12. brilliant! We are on holiday without their dad for a week, so we will surprise him when he comes to pick us up next weekend. He will love this, as he as a complete soppy date!! Thank you.

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  14. How do you get a piece of paper long enough to make more than two or three folds!?

    1. I stuck together two strips of paper, both quite long. I used paper from a large sketch pad. It's thick enough to write on with markers, and quite long!

  15. This is a gorgeous idea and I think we shall make him one for Father's day. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Thanks for a great idea, I'm gonna make it for my dad 

  17. great idea my daddy's birthday is coming and he'll love it........... I have made it and it is very easy....LOL..............:)

  18. mabuhay from the philippines! my husband's birthday is this month and i'm searching for a gift to do (i DIY gifts for him all the time). this one is PERFECT! i might show you a picture of what i made once it's done. :)

  19. This is a very cute DIY. My students will love this activity.

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