Sunday, 11 March 2012

Magpie Monday - Haberdashing

Last week was spent on the glorious Cornish Coast.  So much to see and do, geography and culture to explore...but more of that in another post.  Fear not, Cornwall was not bereft of charity shops, I was pleased to find.

I managed the odd duck and dive and found my way into a fair few. In fact, I seem to have come home with a pretty good haul including a new coat for Ruby, a new pair of shoes for me and loads of clothes and fabric.  Most of that is waiting in line in my enormous washing pile, so instead I'll concentrate on the wonderful haberdashery I discovered in one shop.

They had a whole section set aside for sewing loveliness, but mostly it was knitting patterns and crochet hooks which are of no use/consequence to me.  Instead I rummaged happily through the button box.  I could have bought the whole lot, but I could feel the daggers coming my way from the old man, so I just stuck to the more unusual ones (plain coloured buttons I can buy at my leisure when he's not breathing down my neck).

These pale pink beauties caught my eye for their pure 1960s Mary Quant-ness. I'm not sure which of the two prices they charged me!

When I picked these I thought they were wooden, but now I think they're plastic.  I liked them because they look like caramel covered Maltesers.

These gorgeous silver coloured metal buttons will probably be re-purposed into jewellery.

Some more pretty coloured bias binding.

What looks to be a very useful pair of eyelet makers and press stud pliers - if I can ever figure how to work them!  No instructions included!

And finally, my top buy.  Obviously a vintage year, this booklet was produced the same year I was.  Just look at those photos - they could be straight out of my family album!

Iron-on embroidery transfers!!  How exciting, I can't wait to have a go with these.  I reckon provided I steer clear of mustard polyester hot pants and crop tops (not really my look anyway) these could look quite contemporary on the right garment.

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  1. Fab finds! I love the Mary Quant-esqe buttons. So glad you managed to get to the charity shops in Cornwall, I thought we may have lost you to the cows :)

  2. I wish I knew more about buttons. I probably pass by some valuable ones in my treasure-hunting trips! Thanks for the party!!!

  3. Those pale pink flower buttons are the business! Brilliant find!

    Jem xXx

  4. I love the owl transfer - I wouldn't want to iron them on though, I'd want to use them too many times!

    (ps, sorry I haven't linked up for a few weeks, it's been one thing after another recently, though I have PLANS at some point, honest!)

  5. fantastic finds as ever.
    the eyelet tool - you make a hole with the one tool, put the eyelet in and then use teh other tool to squash the back out. hope this helps - it is easy once you get the hang of it.

  6. I love your table cloth. Is it Bella and Boo?

  7. Love the Mary Quant - esque buttons. I have a hubs like yours too. I find it best to just ignore him and mabe wind him up more by buying something wholly inapprorpiate. ;0)

    Madison xxx

  8. I always try to visit the local charity shops when I travel to places in the UK. It looks like you managed to find some particularly lovely items in Cornwall - especially the retro transfers :-)

  9. Wow, those are seriously amazing and I love those Mary Quant like buttons... I'd be making earrings out of those if it were I!! I want to go charity shopping with you!

  10. Fab finds my linkup this week is also buttons!

  11. I love the look of those transfers!

  12. Such fabulous finds - I'm just a little bit in love with the giraffe transfer!

  13. Gorgeous! You know me and buttons:)
    A great haul!
    Have you seen there is a button swap..I'll tweet you it later. You swap 50 of your buttons with someone else. Anywhere in the world. Not sure when it closes tho.

    1. Thanks A. I did see it thanks - still wrestling emotionally whether I can part with any! I'm so tight!! x

  14. Oh my goodness! The transfer book is amazing! haha! Love it!

  15. (linked up!)

    those buttons are gorgeous!!

  16. Nice find on those pliers! They're so expensive new! I just started using mine, and they're very simple. I'm sure you can find a diagram online that shows which ones go on which end. Have fun!

  17. I would have spent ages in the button tin too! This week i bought absolutely loads, and we visited our first car boot sale of the season, whoop!
    Aqeela xx

  18. One of my fave things about holidays is checking out the local op shops. You have done exceptionally- those transfers are incredible!

  19. Love all the buttons. Was not convinced by the yellowey ones until I read your description at which point I changed my mind. Happy memories of going through my Mum's button tin and embroidery silks as a child. Have linked up better late than never.

  20. Looks like I need to haul ass to Cornwall, great haul lady! x

  21. I love rummaging through button boxes, too. You found some beauties!