Monday 2 April 2012

Magpie Monday - The lure of lurex

There's something about the sparkly, spanglyness of lurex that I can't resist.  Maybe it's the magpie in me.

I picked up this cute little lightweight olive green knit this morning for only £2.75.  With this erratic weather, it will make a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

I love the little bell sleeves, and although it's H&M is has a vintage feel to it.

At the weekend I was ecstatic to find an actual vintage item of pure gorgeousness on the regular dress rail - not the over-priced 'retro' rails.

Isn't it lush?  Yes, it's a halter neck.  I had to explain this to the other half who held it up like an off-the-shoulder number and asked "How does that work then? Won't your boob hang out?"  Honestly, give me strength.

I was totally gutted when I got home and discovered that try as I might, it didn't fit.  I nearly had a little cry.

It you know of a petite size 8 who is in the market for a vintage dress, speak now or forever hold your piece.  I may have to return it to the shop - which I really don't want to do!

Have you found any sparkles recently?  Anything at all second-hand is welcome on Magpie Monday, so do grab the badge and join in.

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  1. Much as I love a halter neck my size 8 days are long gone I'm afraid! At least you got the H&M top to console you, it's very pretty, love the sleeves. I got a frock this week too!

  2. oh no what a shame, I can just see you in that : ( What about the gorgeous Molly ? She looked teeny tiny to me.

    Your hubbies comment made me laugh out loud, now I have actually also met him I can just imagine him saying it xxx

    1. Oh yes, I bet it would fit the lovely Moll.

      Bless the OH. Silly sod ;0)

    2. It is GORGEOUS, and Moll would love to squeeze into it, but sadly her size 8 days are well and truly over. If it won't fit you Liz, it definitely won't fit me. (Thanks for thinking of me tho Karen and Liz) x

  3. Ooh that sparkly knit is fab!

  4. Both rather lovely but I have a long way to go before seeing size 8 again lol. Wonderful items and your other half's comment reminded me of my husband. Men! Will link up later

  5. Great items, I love a bell sleeve and I love the pattern on that dress, shame it doesn't fit, could you make it into a skirt perhaps? x

  6. Ah, that green dress is gorgeous! Sadly only one of my boobs would make it there, I reckon. It would REALLY like it in there though. Just the other one may be a little exposed for the rest of the world.

    Funnily enough a friend just gave me a green vintage halter neck she found - almost exactly the same style, just a different pattern.

    Hmm, I did get a pomander from a boot sale yesterday I'd like to send you - perhaps this will cheer you up in the face of frock failure.

  7. Both items are gorgeous! Shame about the dress :(
    I am a size 8 but am also 5'8" and doubt it is long enough :(

  8. Great finds and such a shame the dress doesn't fit! I'm certainly not a size 8 and actually cant think of a time i ever was :(

  9. If there was a 1 in front of the size 8, I'd stand a chance (actually, I'd've stood a chance pre-Squeaky, I'm slimmer now than I was pre-pregnancy, go figure!)

    It's all about the green this week, I think spring fever must have taken over. LOVE the sparkly jumper.

  10. Both of those are lovely! It's a shame the dress doesn't fit, it's gorgeous!

  11. I would definately wear the dress, what a find! Sadly it is too small for me :-(

  12. I love the dress and the sparkly knit. I am a size 6-8 so would love to try the dress if it is still available?
    I follow your blog by email. I can never find anything in my charity shops but will start looking more often I think

  13. That green top is sooo pretty and you're right it has a lovely vintagey feel. Bet it will look gorgeous on you.

    Shame about the dress!