Monday, 5 March 2012

Magpie Monday - A car park assignation

Last week the lovely Karen from the White Approach posted a car boot find of some delicious Langley Lucerne.

Pic Copyright The White Approach
This is a design that I’ve collected for years, and is in daily use in our house, so I asked her if she was willing to sell and at what price.

As luck would have it, we were due to travel to Cornwall so arranged to meet in Exeter.  I had a pine plate rack I’d previously bought to display some china on but it wasn’t large enough.  Knowing Karen’s talent for beautifying old pieces of furniture, I thought I’d give her first dibs on it before I passed it on to someone else via eBay.

We came to a swap arrangement where everyone was happy (I hope!) and by the time you read this, we shall have donned dark glasses, furtively met in an Exeter car park and swapped our loot.  Fingers crossed there won’t be any covert police surveillance operations going on and we don’t get bought in for questioning!

We’ve also arranged to meet the gorgeous Molly, so all in all, an excellent plan.

Have you done any old fashioned bartering this week or got any second hand finds to share? I’d love you to link up here. X

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  1. Haha I love your covert mission! Can't wait to read what happens next! It's like reading a miss Marple! Very jealous that you're seeing Molly! x

  2. Sounds like an excellent swap - and a real benefit of doing Magpie Monday.

    Hope you have a lovely trip to the South West (and maybe find a few more pre-loved items to show off next week)

  3. Lovely items, and what a great mutual swap-fest! Hope you all had fun on your meet up. x

  4. Sweet and funny post. Can see the two of you peering into each others car boots with a wink and a hand shake.

    Madison xxx

    ps have a fab time in Cornwall

  5. Love a good old skool swap! I was goggling over Karen's pots last week, you lucky one, having a whole cupboard full. What a delight. And that cabinet will come up brilliantly with some paint and a knock around. Looking forward to seeing the result.

  6. Your swap sounds perfect...both of you got something you wanted! Thanks for hosting the party!!!

  7. What a lucky coincidence! Hope your meet up went well with no arrests :)

  8. I love that you did a swap and that range is so gorgeous! Your collection is very impressive! x

  9. Ha! Love your post Liz, it was so fab to meet you and the mr and DD as well as the gorgeous Molly.

    Enjoy the pans (having a pang seeing them again) Will update you on the swopsy when I get round to painting it.

    Enjoy the South West xxx

  10. What a great idea to swap things. I fell in love with the pans when Karen blogged about them - they are like works of art to me - just beautiful. Enjoy them!

  11. Sorry I'm late to the party! Was so lovely seeing you and meeting Karen on Saturday (though I wish I'd made it earlier to the clandestine magpie swapping event!). Your pans (Karen's former pans) are lovely. Hope you are having fun on the farm xx

  12. Sounds like a great deal for both of you.

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