Thursday, 5 January 2012

Burn Baby Burn - Acriflex to the Rescue!

Some time ago I was sent some Burn gel called Acriflex to review.

A tough one really - what should I do...follow people around expectantly with the tube hoping some scalding calamity will occur?  Deliberately put my hand in the fire so I can test out the product?  No.  Thankfully, it has sat, unopened for some time.

Recently however, we have had cause to use it a couple of times.  The old man foolishly touched his drill bit after drilling holes in the wall - ironically to put up the medicine cabinet in the bathroom!  Thankfully the burns gel was to hand, so we rubbed some on.  The swearing ceased almost immediately!

The other day I managed to burn my finger quite badly while taking out a tray of baked potatoes from the oven.  Our dog seems to have reverted to puppy hood and started chewing the tea towels.  Consequently when I assume one is quadruple folded and suitable for removing items from a 200 degree oven, I often find that due to large dog mouth shaped holes, there is in fact only a double layer - or on this occasion, a single layer!

This really was the most painful burn I'd had in a very long time.  After running it under the cold tap (I am haunted by being told that your skin carries on cooking after a burn), I applied some of the gel to the burn.  The relief was instant.  Better still, I never developed a blister.

I can honestly say this product really works.  Acriflex uses the principle of osmosis to cool and rehydrate your skin.  Were you paying attention at the back of your science lessons?

I'm keeping this product in my first aid kit, and recommend you do too.  There's also Acriflex Cream which can be used to treat burns; scalds, sunburn and blisters and minor cuts and abrasions.

Acriflex is available from all good chemists.  The cooling gel is suitable for adults and children from 6 months old, but of course, you should always seek medical advice for serious injuries or burns.

Sponsored post: Thanks to manufacturers Thornton and Ross for providing me with the samples free of charge.  All views expressed are my own.


  1. They should have sent it to me: I never go more than a day without burning myself. Off to the chemist for me....

  2. That's one for our medicine cabinet. I am forever burning my fingers. Will def be getting some.

    Thanks...Madison xxx

  3. Would be ideal to keep some in the kitchen.

  4. I would say I never burn myself... but that would be tempting fate!

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