Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Love is in the air with Love Hearts

Get your retro romantic on this Valentines with Swizzels Matlow.

500 Love Heart mini rolls
Love Hearts are a national institution are they not?  Remember giggling at school over the cryptic messages, the twang on the tongue of the sherbety taste?

As an enterprising sixth-former, me and some friends fleeced everyone in the common room set up a valentine's messaging service one year.  We made the infamous red 'love box' where spotty faced teenagers could post anonymous notes on heart shaped papers, then charged 50p each to wrap said note around a tube of Love Heart Sweets and deliver them to the appropriate pigeon-hole. Dragon's Den eat your heart out!

My brother and sister-in-law had personalised Love Hearts as their wedding favours, and I've kept onto mine as a memento of the day.

Did you know that 2.75 billion Love Hearts are produced every year - that's enough to reach one and a half times around the globe!

Love hearts have branched out and you can now buy all sorts of merchandise through their online shop and try their fun online test to see how compatible you and your partner are.

This year, they are launching some new products in time for Valentines.

This adorable keepsake tin filled with sweets is one of the new range.  Boys - there isn't a girl I know who doesn't love tins!

A limited run of 100,000 of these vintage style tins have been made and they will be available nationwide priced at only £1.99 while stocks last.  Fill your boots.

This new tube containing 10 mini rolls of love hearts will also be available priced at only £1.

And the 4 pack of giant love hearts costs £1.09.  At these kind of prices there's really no excuse to forget a Valentine gift.

Disclosure: I was sent a small sample of products for the purposes of this review.


  1. My wedding cake was covered in love heart sweets, so I have a real soft spot for them (my favourite sweet) I also had them made when my LO was baptised, lovely keepsake!!!
    Mr Loveheart man, will you ask me to blog about you as well next time? ;)

    1. A wedding cake with Love Heart? How ace is that?!

  2. oooh - I am a huge fan of lovehearts - I have love heart candles in my hearth! Where can I get the tin from? Great value!

    1. The tin is really lovely. About 12 cm across, bargain price no? Due to be launched beginning of Feb, should be available 'nationwide' so I guess all sweet shops, supermarkets etc. x

  3. That tin is fab! I do have a soft spot for Love hearts, I have to say :)