Thursday, 12 January 2012

Caravan of Love

For some time I've had a little dream.  A fantasy world where me and my family pack up our troubles and head for the hills.  Lately it's become something of an obsession, and I've started pinning like crazy on Pinterest and even looked into caravan insurance quotes. I suspect it won't be long before I start pouring over the classified ads looking for a suitable mini home to tow.

It's true, caravan holidays of my childhood weren't always perfect.  Like the time it took us three days to drive to North Wales due to the car radiator overheating repeatedly.  But looking on the bright side, we'd never have got to stay in that Brummie pub car park for the night, or witnessed the delights of the farmers field and limited toilet facilities in Telford the following night, after we pitifully limped north-west.

But recently, I've had some fabulous caravan holidays, staying in statics on campsites.  Ruby loves the excitement of having a mini home, and I'm seriously tempted to invest in a tourer.

We're not a two-weeks-in-the-sun type family.  We prefer to take lots of mini-breaks throughout the year, exploring our great isle.  What could be more perfect than chucking your bags in the car on a Friday night and hitting the open road?  I imagine it might work out more cost effective in the long run than staying in self-catering or hotels.

Picture from Cath Kidston Magazine

Caravanning is cool.  Just look at my pinterest pins if you don't believe me!  Tempted?

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  1. I love caravans ! we spent 18mths living in a 22ft caravan and travelled nearly 10,000 miles around the uk while we looked for a new place to live. We have 8 acres of woodland and camped there for 6 of those months, with no water and just a generator for electric (that was so noisy we had it as far away as possible, once it was turned off at bed time that was it, we just had little solar lamps, bloody scary if there was a noise in the wood and the husband had to leg it to the genny in his boxers and wellies!)

  2. Wow touring the UK sounds amazing. Where did you settle on eventually?

  3. Do it! We had one we shared with OHs brother and sister in law until I got pregnant then they bought us out. For the best as issues had started arising, they had a lot more money to spend on it than us etc...Miss it so much now and hope we will have another one in the next few years. For now we make do with mini hols in a static in weymouth. Love caravans!

    1. Sharing is a great idea to spread the cost *wonders who I can talk into going halves with me...*

      We had to sell our Morris Minor when I got pregnant. We were heartbroken, but it wasn't practical and had no rear seatbelts!

  4. we eventully settled in Durham :)

  5. We've got a little caravan on our drive. It seems so full of possibilities and lifts my heart every time I see it. I think it is partly because it's like a 'wendy house' but with a real cooker!

  6. I'm with you all the way on this Liz. I too hanker for a caravan and we're not really a 2 weeks in teh sun family either. Charlie has really enjoyed staying in statics last year too!

    If you decide to take the plunge I will be pumping you for information!!