Tuesday 24 January 2012

Loose yourself in the Land Of Sometimes

Every now and again, something comes along which is quite simply, perfect.  The Land of Sometimes CD is just that.  You'll forgive my effusing about it, but I honestly can't find a single criticism of it.  I want every child and parent to enjoy this magical journey.

Young twins, Alfie and Elise wander off in their imaginations to the Land Of Sometimes, encountering fantastical characters along the way.  Each character has their own story which is told in song.  Each style is different from the last, some upbeat poppy tunes, others tranquil soothing melodies.

Ruby's favourite is Little Twink, an up tempo disco song about a cheeky naughty fairy who messes up bedrooms while you're asleep - don't we all have one of them?

My favourite is either the very first song "dare make a wish" or the sublimely brilliant "Mrs Blip", a belter of a song, it's soul but with a hint of the east and sung my none other than Ruby Turner.

In fact, the credentials of this production are immense.  The words, lyrics and original concept are by Francesca Longrigg, an accomplished actress, musician and singer.  The producer Chicky Reeves has worked with talent as diverse as Ray Charles, Johnny Cash and Radiohead.

The narrator Nicholas Jones has a gentle but commanding voice, and the storytelling seamlessly joins the songs together coherently.  The narration is minimal, so there's no danger of boredom, and equally the music can be enjoyed in it's own right.  If for example you have it on in the background as we do when we're baking or crafting at home, you can dip in and out of it.  But played in the car or at bedtime, we're totally entranced.

Even the artwork on the packaging is enticing.  The cover itself moves away from the traditional plastic type, and instead is a book which can be viewed to enhance the story.  The website is one of the best I've seen for children in a long time.  You can listen to clips of the songs, download the lyrics so you can sing along, explore the map of the Land of Sometimes, learn more about the characters and use their fun activity section.

Due for release on 6th February 2012 priced at £8.99 you can pre-order with Amazon here now.

I implore you, if you buy one music CD for your kids this year, make it this one.  I only wish it was out now, I know a pair of twins with a birthday coming up who would adore this!

Disclosure: I was sent a preview copy of this CD for the purposes of this review free of charge.  However, the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Lovely post. I already put it in my favorites to buy on Amazon. You described it so nice. Thank you for submitting your post to the Love Music showcase.

  2. You've just given me another pressie idea for O's 5th birthday. Thank you.