Monday, 4 July 2011

Magpie Monday - Nautical and Nice

After the past few weeks Magpie Monday postings, I'm pretty sure a fair few of you think I'm losing my marbles.  This week could very easily have turned out differently had I attended the Saturday auction.  But I thought it best not to.  A bored and fed up Lizzie often makes hasty purchases.

Don't panic. I didn't.

Instead, it turns out I was eminently sensible this week.  I don't do fashion. Yes, really!  Anyone who's actually met me in the flesh will tell you that.  But just occasionally it seems I must be subliminally affected by external forces.

This week, my purchase from charity shops have been of a nautical theme.  A couple of days later, my July edition of Ideal Home plops through the letterbox, crammed full of seaside themed interior decor.  What do you know, I'm on trend!

If you are the sort that likes to update their home every couple of months with new accessories to fit the latest fashion, then you could do a lot worse that a trawl of your local house clearance shops, charity shops and car boot sales.  It's amazing what you can find.

I spotted this cute little whimsical boat ornament hanging up in the Salvation Army shop with a price tag of 99p. It was actually a wind chime with a hanging loop at the top, but I soon snipped of those dingly dangly buggers, and now have a beautiful ornament for my daughter's new room (eventually!).  I ask you, indoor wind chimes?? What is the point?

I also found this gorgeous vintage children's book for £2.  She's not a boy, but so what, we don't do stereotypes in this house.  Someone has dated the book as 1933, but I don't know if that's accurate.  I just thought it was a beautiful decorative item - although I am looking forward to reading the story entitled 'The saucy Marion'. I say!

This glass fish was a curious one.  I rather liked it the first time I spotted it in my local Shelter charity shop, but couldn't think what to use it for. I went back several times to the shop, each time picking it up and putting it back again.  Finally, I realised exactly what it would be used for, and returned to the shop only to find it gone.  The assistant must have heard my disappointed sigh, and asked me what I was looking for.  She nipped out the back, and returned with it in her hands.  Best of all, I got it for half price as it was due to be disposed of.

£1.50 is a bargain for my new salt pot don't you think.  My fish now sits happily next to the hob, dispensing seasoning for my cooking from his open mouth.

Remember that lovely seagull Devonshire pot I showed you a couple of weeks back? Imagine my delight at finding a matching salt and pepper pot!  My little seagull display is growing. I plan to show these off on a dresser in my kitchen.  I shan't use them for condiments, but probably put scented beads in them to fragrance the room (because I haven't got enough pomanders, right!)

The nautical feel does not end at homeware. No, I have also been adorning myself in all things coastal.  I loved this T Shirt for £3.  My mum said nay, but I said yay.  What do you think, was I right?

I adore it! I was a bit gutted to find in the label that it's Primark, but hey-ho.  The blue and white stripes are quite Boden-esque and I love the fifties inspired graphic boat prints.

I've also picked up a few pendants to complete the look.  This anchor cost me £1 with chain and I've worn it loads.  The little enamel seahorse is cute too.  The larger one is enormous, and I'll never wear it as a necklace, but I'm thinking of using it as a bag charm or something else crafty.

I have a fondness for seahorses. Any species where the male carries and delivers the babies, gets my vote. 

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  1. I love them all, I'm a fan of nautical anyway. My absolute favourite is the fish, so sweet and a great idea to use it for salt when you are cooking. You look FAB in the T'shirt, it does look really retro, you would never guess it was primark!

  2. Love those sea horses and anchor and other nauticals but whats with that cows head? lol

  3. oh soo love the nautical theme. We are nautical mad in our house too. Helps living near to the sea for sure.

    The little boat is fantastic and you are really rocking that tee shirt lady. I know what you mean about discovering stuff is Primarni but they really do get the trends spot on. We currently have fantastic horse cushions and covers in the twins bedroom from there.

  4. Brilliant! I'd like to know what happens in the Saucy Marion! Love your nautical theme and I say yay to the top!

  5. I love the salt pot! Can't walk past a nautical themed bargain myself :)

  6. I'm loving those seagull salt and pepper pots, and the Bodenesque nautical T-shirt looks lovely on you. You've got some really fantastic finds there.

  7. I'm collecting nautical items too at the moment to create 'Pirates Paradise' in a corner of the garden.

    I love those salt & pepper pots and the top is really cool too. I must start looking at clothes in charity shops, I'm always too preoccupied by knick-knacks!

  8. I did panic about the head for a second then!!
    Love the seagul pots and the tiny seahorse ... lovely bargains!
    and yey to the top!
    Maria x

  9. that head looks so fresh !! I would have had to get it :)
    love the salt and pepper pots too x

  10. Ahoy there! Love anything nautical, some fab finds but my favourite is the seahorses, I love a seahorse, so cute.

    Apologies for two linkies from me, fool that I am I entrusted my phone with the task of linking up initially and it ballsed it up, hopefully the second one works! x

  11. I love it all too! The fish - I think it's a whale actually rather than a fish - is fantastic and how lovely to find the matching pair of seagull condiment holders to go with your pot from a few weeks ago. But of course my absolute favourite is the book as I collect vintage children's books - I also found several this week, am liking your boyish one very much though.

    The seahorses are so sweet and the T-shirt looks great on you - good haul in all!

  12. I have that copy of Ideal Home! I am loving the sea side theme this week on your post, especially the pink boat, my DD would love it. Also great photo of you in your 'Bodenisque' nautical top! Thanks for this great link up. Bx

  13. Ideal Home purchaser?! Wow! Does your shelf of monstrosities come from that mag?
    Love nautical theme myself on all fronts maybe cos my Dad was a sailor, dunno. Love the T-shirt and would be like you about the label. Love the cute little boat and the old book. I too have a thing about seahorses and have some on drawers and in the bathroom.
    Lots of Magpie Monday entries this week. I did give you a mention on the Netmums Blogger Network so hope that brings new contributors your way too

  14. Ha ha I actually thought you had bought the head after the pomander buy :) I love the seagulls! They are very cute. Am still obsessed with green and red, the house is filling up nicely now!
    Great to see so many people joining in now, I find myself looking at things and wondering if they are nice enough to post :) xx

  15. what a lovely nautical thrift haul. Haha... The seagulls salt and shaker set is so pretty. You look great in that nautical T-shirt, so retro chic. The pendents are so beautiful too. Thanks for hosting!


  16. Haha, no I didn't buy the cow's head. It was hideous and weighed a tonne!

    Musarcade, I won a year's subscription to Ideal Home which was great, but I think it's coming to an end now :0(

    Great to see so many lovely link-ups. Thanks for all your support x

  17. great finds love the nautical theme and the jewelery is lovely x
    Still nowt here apart from my swap partners bits which i cant show lol but might go have a little shop around in the week

  18. Oh my goodness! I remember my mum having one of those fishy salt cellars sometime in the 80's!!! x

  19. I love the book, it would sit well alongside one of my finds this week, though I can date mine with precision.

    I think the fish would end up in my bathroom, probably filled with some sort of 80's retro pink bath salts.

  20. Liz you are not only on trend you are a trend-setter - you did start the pomander revolution after all. I love all your nautical finds, and the teeshirt is fab on you. Good work finding the seagull set to match your pot - I like. I also have a fondness for seahorses too (we agree on a lot of things don't we) and the big one is super. I think you should serialise 'Saucy Marion' on the blog - like Kathryn, I'm intrigued!

  21. Fab finds. Love the pink sail boat and the seagull salt and pepper pots.

    Madison xxx

  22. I love them all this week but especially the little pink sailboat. Sorry my linky was late this week (night shifts and all that) xx

  23. Hello my dear, I tagged you in an award/meme type thingie on my blog, if you're interested x

  24. I love anything nautical, the t-shirt is great, despite being a Prim-Arni!