Saturday, 2 July 2011

Vintage Stationery - Just My Type

The fabulously stylish Molly over at Molly and the Princess has started a great little link-up called Show me your Stationery Saturday which I've been meaning to join in with for the past couple of weeks.

I think it's now or never as within the next few weeks all my worldly possessions are due to be boxed up and left, unloved, in a cold, clinical metal storage unit while we try to hurry up the people who are selling us their house.

In anticipation of this, I purchased these little retro beauties the other week in my favourite house clearance shop.  It's the type of place where you have to wash your hands after you come out, there's no style or fanciness to it at all. It's a pile it high and sell it cheap type outlet - just the sort of place I love.  There's always a vintage gem to be had if you don't mind the dust!

I loved these for their vintage typeface.  They reminded me of 60's shows like Bewitched and the Pink Panther.  20 postcards for 20p, can't say fairer than that! (By the way, the background strawberry paper is from Paperchase and is due to be turned into my next Scrabble artwork!)

To make them look even more authentic, when I finally have a new address, I shall be typing them out on this Brother typewriter I picked up from a hospice shop for £2.

I'd been on the look out for one for a while as I wanted to type labels and gift tags.  I love the romance and nostalgia of type written letters, so this is just the ticket.

Finally, again from the house clearance shop, I spotted this red leather writing case. 

I bought it with a whole bunch of other bits and bobs, but I reckon it worked out costing me less than a pound.  Real leather, with a little pocket for envelopes and stamps.  It will proudly hold my Basildon Bond, until I can afford something more upmarket (and something that doesn't eternally remind me of Russ Abbott).

So there, we go.  Those are my thrifty, stationery finds.  Pop over to Molly's blog by clicking the badge, for more papery lust.

Molly and the Princess


  1. @needaphone I remember those letter wallets . i used to have to write my thank you from this after every christmas. thanks for reminding me of my childhood. 'happy days'

  2. Ooh, great finds. I saw some typewriters this morning on TV and thought I need to get one! (I also have a mild obsession with Murder, She Wrote but that's another story...)

    Is it the clearance shop on Castle Road you go to, or another one I don't know about?

  3. Haha, indeed it is Castle Road. I love it there! You never know what you're going to find.

    There's another sprung up on Union Street, but I've not ventured up there yet...

  4. Oh wow! Those are some fantastic finds hun!! I'm particularly in love with the typewriter - it's just utterly gorgeous and I'm very envious you picked one up for £2, what an absolute steal :-)

    The 'Change of Address' cards are utterly fabulous too, the font is definitely reminiscent of Bewitched!

    Jem xXx

  5. Lovely stuff, my 9 year old son wants a typewriter, saw one in a charity shop today for £24!!!!! Rip off. I love the idea of typed cards, I shall be on the look out for a cheaper version on my rounds. x

  6. Brilliant! I love the change of address cards, the typewriter, the Basildon Bond case - perfect! I was very tempted by a larger version of the writing case in a vintage shop the other week - but being a 'vintage' shop and not a good old second-hand/charity shop, the price tag was £30 - eeek! I have an old typewriter too - so far I've not done much apart from type the words for my blog badge - but I have plans ...! Thanks so much for linking up, I love your thrifty finds!

  7. Thanks guys. I need to sort out the ribbon on the typewriter, but for two quid I'm not complaining! I found it in the toy section, so I think that's why it was such a bargain!

  8. Lovely things - what an amazing price for the typewriter! Love the cheery cherry red. This feature is giving me a real urge for nice writing paper and pens - your writing case is lovely too, I'm going to be on the lookout now. I think I used to have one, but it probably had fairies or something on it.

  9. Lovely, I don't venture into charity shops as much as I should, I do like a rummage.
    I am moving too, well waiting for our date to move! I was thinking of going for a different look in this house and I think you have inspired me to go on the hunt for some bargins.
    Thanks x

  10. Love the typewriter, bet it will be really useful for project...such a great colour.

  11. I think I might have ACTUALLY drooled - seriously!