Monday 18 July 2011

Magpie Monday - Completing the Circle

Writing my Magpie Monday posts is becoming increasingly difficult with our impending house move.  More and more items are being packed away, for me to never locate again (or so it feels), and today it seems I am unable to find my camera.  In addition, my shopping habits have been drastically curtailed as I'm more or less banned from bringing anything else into the house.

I thought therefore, it was a good opportunity to re-visit some of my previous posts, and complete their stories for you.

Remember my Auction Fever moment?  Well, amongst the items I purchased was a job lot of antique magazines and periodicals.  I featured photos and details of some of them, and through the magic of t'internet an email pinged into my inbox earlier this week.

A charming American scholar had spotted a magazine edition I'd posted, and as he is currently researching similar items, he enquired whether I'd be prepared to sell it.

I absolutely don't buy second-hand items specifically to re-sell, and to be honest after reading Molly's wonderful Magpie Monday post this morning I feel a bit reluctant to write this.  She captured perfectly the ethos of Magpie Monday, and describes exactly the reasons why I too love to buy from charity shops.  There's nothing wrong with re-selling items on eBay etc, but that's not why I tend to buy them. I buy things because I'll use them, or because I love them.

However, I am a stay-at-home mum with the salary to match.  A few extra pennies are always welcome, and if I can give a new lease of life to something and the end result means the item is with someone who'll cherish it, then why not!

I took the magazine to my local antique book dealer who was almost orgasmic looking through it.  He gave me a valuation and also asked me to bring along the others I have if I want to sell them!  Myself and the American were able to settle on a price we were both happy with.

I'm off to the post office this morning to send it on it's way.  How's that for a happy ending?

I thought I'd also update you on #pomandergate.  You may recall that ebay purchase I made of an entire collection of ceramic pomanders?  Well, I had a plan to re-condition them and was determined to make it work.  No, clearly I didn't have the plan when I pushed the button to bid on 186 pomanders - admittedly that was just a moment of madness.

However, the plan quickly developed, and with the help of One Stop Pamper who sourced and sent me beautiful fragranced beads, I cleaned up the pomanders and custom filled them with organza bags of fragrance at a recent vintage and craft fayre.  A perfect blend of old meets new. I even had  custom-made labels printed to seal the bases, and a name for the venture: 'It makes scents'.  Like it? Geddit?

They went down a treat and at £4.50 each will make me a nice few pennies.  Looks like I'll be attending a few more fairs...

So what second-hand goodies have you found? I'd love you to grab the badge and link back here so we can all share. x

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  1. While you are moving home why don't you just host magpieMonday and not feel the pressure to contribute ? or I certainly would be happy to be a guest hoster (is there such a word) for you ?
    Still chuckling about the pomandergate, how fab you had such a result with them ! xx

  2. Thanks Karen, that's a really kind offer. I might take you up on that. Guess it depends really how long we're in limbo for. Still yet to buy a house, and ours is sold and got to move out in less than 2 weeks! x


  3. Yes, don't worry about always having an item to show, we understand the buying embargo! And nothing wrong with you getting a little extra cash via selling something that someone else will really love.

    (Can you delete my first link please? Think I used that link elsewhere and it automatically copied to your page) x

  4. Really interesting post.
    All the best with the move

  5. It seems you have a bit of an eye Ms Burton! It's great that you can sell on something to someone who really needs/wants it. It's a win win!!

  6. I find it hard to sell things too but am having to start doing it I fall in love with vintage items to just need to tuffen me uo some.I love that magazine cover I hope you have some copies of the pics on file they are marvelous I hope you got a good bit that will help you out lots.

  7. Great post and agree that under certain circumstances if you've an item that someone is really after and will treasure it then i dont see a problem, ive said my piece before about ppl raiding charity shops over here for trolly loadsa stuff to sell on so wont go there again lol
    Fantastic that the pomanders are doing well i knew it would be a good investment ;) hehe x
    Sorry no contribution from me again this week OH was gonna go to a booty sale yesterday with me but it pee'd down with rain all day bloomin typical!

  8. Great news about your American buyer, and as you said a lovely ending for an item you brought because you loved it. I also read Molly's post and agree too that charity shopping for me is about the saving pennies and buying unique items. Bx

  9. Well done You, great post as usual.

  10. Great post in spite of your pending move!! I've moved several times and it's not fun. Good luck and thanks for hosting the party!!!

  11. oooh great idea with the pomanders, check out my bundle on my post! Scarlett x

  12. very good news about your american buyer, glad you were able to sort it :)

  13. That's brilliant that you're doing so well with the pomanders - and with selling that magazine too.

  14. Pomandergate makes me smile so much! It's great news about your magazines though, and good that you resisted the temptation to craft with them before finding out the value.

  15. I love hearing about success stories, even when, such as Pomandergate, they come about almost by accident. My computer is being a mean beast and not playing nicely so I am not posting. I hope to be able to visit others throughout the day.

  16. Great post Liz (and glad you liked mine - I was thinking everyone would find it very dull, 10p shoelaces!). I love that your Hutchinson's Story Magazine book went to someone who really wanted it - I think there is real joy in that.
    So glad too that you have come out smelling of roses (groan) after the pomander moment of madness! I really think it was a moment of pure genius :) xx