Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowy Wrapping Paper Printing

Today as I was fetching a ubiquitous Fruit Shoot from the fridge for Ruby (shock horror, I don't always give her freshly squeezed, organic fruit smoothies!) I happened to notice this little plastic lid.

I must have opened dozens and dozens of these drinks, and only now did I notice that the lid has a pretty little star shape to the top. 

Wondering if we'd be able to use these as paint stamps, I set about fishing a few more out of the recycling bin.  After a near miss with a tomato tin, and a sticky hand from a not-very-well-rinsed yoghurt pot, I soon had four little stampers.

They make pretty star shaped patterns, or as we were inspired by the weather outside, a snowflake scene.  So that's the Christmas wrapping paper sorted.  I've just got to buy some pressies to wrap now. x