Monday 6 December 2010

Charity Auction for The Children's Trust - Bid for a gourmet hamper of Chocolate, kindly donated by Chocadores

Well Chocadores have gone and done it again - as if I didn't think they were lovely enough, they have generously donated a mouth-watering hamper full of delicious chocolate to help raise money for The Children's Trust.

The Children's Trust provide care, education, therapy and rehabilitation to children with multiple disabilities, complex health needs and acquired brain injury.

Their services include the UK's largest paediatric brain injury rehabilitation centre, support in the community for children and young people with acquired brain injury, The School for Profound Education for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties, short breaks, transitional, palliative and long-term nursing care.

Please take a moment to read about how the charity has helped change lives, and to see the child rather than the disability.  Children and young people like 3 year old Charlie who has hyperinsulinism, a rare condition that puts him at risk of terrible seizures if his blood sugar levels drop too low. Find out how the Trust's outreach team are helping him and his family to lead a normal life at home. Or 5 year old Kayse who is benefitting from rehabilitation at the Trust after he was hit by a car on a family holiday and suffered life-changing injuries.

So how can you help? We'd like you to dig deep and bid what you can afford in our charity auction. I know times are hard, especially around Christmas, but sadly this is also true for charities who find it tough to raise money at this time of year.  Think of this fabulous auction prize as a Christmas present for a loved one (or yourself!), knowing that the full amount you have paid will be going to support a very worthy cause. 

What better gift for this season of goodwill?

So, with very special thanks to Chocadores, here's what you're bidding on:

all presented in a beautiful black and orange gift box.  Chocadores is including postage and packaging of this box to any UK address, so if you have submitted the highest bid, that is the total price you will pay.  Overseas bidders are welcome, only if you are bidding for a gift for a UK friend or relative (sorry, we cannot send outside of the UK).

The products, gift wrapping, delivery and packaging are worth around £50 in total, but as it's such a worthy cause, don't let that stop you from bidding more if you wish!!

If you need any more encouragement, just read my review of some of these products! While you're here, you can also enter my blog competition to win some amazing Chocadores products - read here and pop over to Facebook to 'like' their page.


Leave your 'bid' in the comment box below stating the maximum you wish to offer (please give as generously as you can).

The winning bidder must pay the full auction price at the end of the auction via the Just Giving page (you can pay by Paypal, credit or debit card). This page is set up for recent fundraising for The Children's Trust at The House of Baby's Christmas event last week.

Please leave a method of contact with your bid so we can get in touch (twitter name, facebook name or email address will be fine).

The auction closes at 10pm on Saturday 11th December, so please check back to see how your bid is getting on, and whether you have to increase it!  We will send out regular updates on Twitter and Facebook to let you know the current leader.

Bids submitted are binding and the winning bidder must send payment no later than 5pm on Wednesday 16th December.

If more than one person bids the same amount, the winning bidder will be the person whos comment is shown earliest on the posting.
Please share this link with your friends and family, and give as generously as you can.

Thank you, and we wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas x

Who's going to start us off?...


  1. Right, start me off on £25 hun.
    mazzz39 on twitter twoo.xx

  2. I'll bid £50 for it. Clairelyoung on twitter x

  3. I'll see your £50 and raise you to £60!

    Simon Earles on Facebook.

  4. Oh well, I knew I should have bought my new clothes a size bigger lol - I bid £75 @daisychainbaby

  5. Happy to keep bidding to a maximum for the Children's Trust - not so bothered about the chocolate ... but I'll have it if I'm winning bidder!

    Bid £80 @cysticfibrosism