Friday, 31 December 2010

New diary!

This time of year brings the inevitable questions about new year's resolutions. Each December I try to field them politely, swatting them away gently without wishing to offend.

The simple truth is I don't believe in new year resolutions.  If you really want to change something then the date is not important.

Just for the record, I have no need or desire to lose any weight; there is absolutely no way on God's earth I would contemplate running a marathon; the hounds of hell couldn't force me to join a gym and I have absolutely no intention of giving up my few vices/pleasures/addictions*!   (*delete as applicable)

The only thing I'd like to do in 2011 is get organised. I mean properly organised.  No longer will I write down addresses on scrappy bits of paper only to lose them within days.  I shall remember people's birthdays and RSVP to my daughter's party invitations.  I shall deal with my mail - and not leave it unopened in a pile and gasp in horror at my domestic ineptitude when the final demand arrives. I shall pay my bills on time, even better I shall get round to setting up direct debits. I will send out Christmas cards next year, and I will promptly send newborn gifts to friend's babies rather than wait until I first see them by which time they are usually crawling.

This week we hit the sales in London and I came back armed and dangerous in the organisation department.  First up was a delightful trip to Liberty's where the other half bought me as a late Christmas present, the much coveted leather ipad case (my ipad having previously been won in a twitter competition).

This truly is a thing of beauty.  I know ipad cases are intended to protect the ipad, but I suspect I shall be keeping the case inside it's cotton drawstring bag to protect IT!

Ianthe Embossed Leather iPad Folio in Black, Liberty London for Apple

Price £90.00

I could have happily remained in Liberty's all day. There was much to make my eyes sparkle and my heart quicken.  My head is now full of ideas and I'm quite possibly warming to the idea of moving house just to re-decorate and buy new cushions.

I also purchased  fabric covered A-Z London maps, one each for myself and the old man.  My current disorganised chaos means we inevitably end up buying a new one each time we go to London, but these will remain proudly in our respective bags.  Sadly, the beautiful peacock feather design was sold out, but my cycle enthusiast fella chose this one, and I picked one with a blue print of fisherman's cottages as it reminded me of cornish holidays.

Phillipa Liberty Print Mini A-Z, Liberty

£19.50 (Was £39.00)

Next was on to Selfridges in search of a personal organiser. It would seem that these are no longer popular in this digital age, but I prefer to write things down the old-fashioned way.  The Filofax section was fairly uninspiring, but then I spotted a beautiful embossed leather organiser by Cross.  At £130 it wasn't cheap, but I actually decided I preferred the design of a different one in the display case.  Looking at the Rosa one, I was a bit miffed to find that all the inserts were in Spanish.  The assistant explained that this was because it was made in Spain, but even so (and without wishing to sound like a Daily Mail reader), we're in England!!  My knowledge of the Spanish language is non-existent, so reluctantly, I put it back and left empty-handed.

Back home, I checked the Cross website and found that the design I preferred was not real leather, but synthetic, and therefore nearly £100 cheaper.  The site showed the organiser empty, so I snapped it up thinking I could fill it with English Filofax inserts. Amazingly it was delivered the next day, complete with a complimentary Cross pen, full diary and loads of inserts - some in Spanish and some in English, but enough for it to be usable for me.  I was most chuffed with this bargain!

Flower Fossils Black Personal Agenda


Finally, how could I resist this Charlie and Lola family organiser calendar from John Lewis.  My love for Charlie and Lola is far greater than my 2 year old daughter's and I shall be more than happy to have this on my fridge for the duration of 2011.  I struggled so hard last year to find a calendar with a pocket to hold all those vouchers, invites, appointment cards etc etc, so I'm really pleased I've found this one. It also has loads of stickers to mark off dentist appointments, end of term and sleepover dates.

Charlie and Lola Extremely Useful Activity Planner 2011

So 2011, bring it on!! I'm ready for you.
Happy New Year to you all x

EDIT: Oops! Just realised I've put the wrong link for the Charlie & Lola planner.  It was the only one John Lewis had listed on their site, but not in fact the one I bought!  The one I got is not available online, but you can get it online at Ryman's and (grrrr!) it's now reduced to only £4.99. This is the link.  Sorry about that ( and I haven't even started on the Babycham yet...)


  1. Happy new year!!

    I'm the same. Never been one for Resolutions, usually because they would start with - I will lose weight... which lasts until the 5th January and I treat myself to something lovely from the bakery to celebrate the kids return to school, and the return of my sanity! ( I love 'em, really!!)

    I too plan to get organized. Everyday ends the same as it begins... with me dashing here there and everywhere falling across clutter and being rather UNfashionably late! This will be there year I wake up to clothes already ironed, We stroll to school instead of legging it, and if someone asks me where something is, I won't need a weeks notice to find it!!

    Think this needs to be my blog post! :o)

  2. Ohh, and I LOVE that iPad case, but seeing as I have no iPad, it's kinda rubbing salt in my wounds lol!! You have great taste my dear!

  3. I think we were seperated at birth! I have absolutely no idea how you manage with more than one child. It is all I can do to get me and DD up and dressed and out of the house for nursery. If we're only half an hour late I deem that a success and minor miracle.

    Good luck with your mission and Happy New Year my dear - may 2011 be the year that you win that illusive iPad x

  4. Happy New Year!! I really like your ipad case! :)


  5. Happy New Year! I went to the gymn and it was closed!

  6. Ah well Sheffy, you tried!! I shouldn't bother again if I were you!!

    Happy New Year :0)

  7. I think you may be just a tad more serious about being organised than I am, lol! I love your iPad case, truly a thing of beauty by the way. My attempts at being organised are very half hearted compared to yours. I could really do with even a tiny bit of your motivation. All the best for 2011 and happy new year! :O)

  8. Yes well Kay, I might have bought lots of nice things to help, but there's no getting around the fact that I went to write things on my shiny new calendar and I didn't know when daughter is due back at Nursery after the Christmas holidays. Best laid plans and all that... :0)

    Happy new year to you too x

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