Wednesday 19 October 2011

Smashing Alternative Pompom Pumpkins

It's official - I ADORE Halloween!

I love making, crafting and decorating ready for the spooky celebrations and myself and Ruby have been getting busy this week.

Whilst I do enjoy carving actual pumpkins, it does have it's drawbacks.  Wielding a sharp carving knife is not exactly a child-friendly activity, and you can't carve a fresh pumpkin too much ahead of time. You'll be left with a putrid, slimy, rotting vegetable on your doorstep!

So, I plan to bring you a few ideas of crafts you can do ahead of time - all pumpkin related, but without an actual gourd in sight!

First up are these super-cute pompom pumpkins.  Very simply to do for older children.

If you can't remember or have never made wool pompoms before, I recommend you check out Maria's Craft Corner tutorial for simple instructions and her beautiful pompom garland.

I simply made pompoms with orange wool, then glued facial features with cut-out pieces of black craft foam (or use felt or card).

If you leave the length of wool used for securing your pompom, you have a hanging decoration (do you like my pressed flower leaf garland in the background?).

But I quite like these little fellas just sitting around the place.

Cute, fluffy, not-at-all threatening Halloween pumpkins!

Check back for more spooky crafts, as and when my cold allows! x

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  1. They look gorgeous and so does your leaf garland! every year I want to get round to garlands and the time runs away from me, I'm still on spring time

  2. fantastic idea - AND I already have loads of orange wool

  3. Nice job! You are verry verry talented.

  4. I was told to check you out from 'The Syders' blog and i'm glad I did! I will def be making these. Look forward to following you! x

  5. Inspired idea *kicks self for not thinking of it first*. Get better soon x

  6. These are so cute, must make these x

  7. I can't remember the last time I made a pom pom but these are are so cute! I think I will have to have a go!

    Kerry @ScienceSparks

  8. oooh love those too! I keep thinking I should make a pom pom...I remember doing them when I was young. I had this kit with little plastic circles that stuck together! xx

  9. ooooh those are so cute... another one with memories of making pompoms (we had a kit for making chicks)

  10. Oh what little pumpkin cuties.. you are certainly getting all Halloween in your house!!

    Thank you for joining in at Kids Get Crafty!


  11. *Next* year, I am so doing this with The Boy. I *love* your pressed leaf garland. Can I start calling you Martha?

    Thanks for linking this up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  12. Dear Ms The Boys Mother (aka @TheBoyandMe) Do not let Ms Me and My Shadow take part in your Showoff Showcase again - she is much too clever and crafty and I'm so jealous, lol

    I've loved reading your posts really and your quirky sense of humour when you tell us how to do make stuff.

    I've got lots of ideas for next time and might even manage to do some this Halloween.