Friday 15 August 2014

How to make fabric cutlery rolls - perfect for picnics and BBQs

I recently found the perfect fabric for this project I'd been meaning to do for a while.  A set of 4 linen place mats in a charity shop for £1.50 and they were crying out for a bit of upcycling!

Of course, you can use any fabric for this, but the beauty of using place mats is that they are the ideal size and they are already hemmed and finished, so there's minimal sewing.  This took me about half an hour to make all four from start to finish.

First take your fabric (portrait way up) and fold about 1/3 of the way up. Press with an iron.

Then pop in your cutlery and see where you want to sew your channels.  Mark with pins or dressmakers chalk - love this fabric, it already has lines to follow!

Cut a length of ribbon long enough to tie around when the fabric is rolled up, fold it in half and tuck inside between the two layers of fabric, hanging out on one side.

Stitch along both edges, and where you have pinned to hold your knife and fork etc.

When you've finished, add your cutlery and a napkin then roll and tie.  You're ready for your alfresco dining!


  1. Oh that is a fantastic idea - would make a nice gift too.

  2. What a great idea - and so cool too. Picnic perfick !

  3. Ooooh - I love this. Very similar to a knitting needle roll that I made too! :-)

  4. Love these, so cool and what a great gift for newlyweds

  5. Love it! Genius idea! Although may take it round to my mums for sewing, only because I don't have a sewing machine of course!

  6. What a fantastic idea! I think even a sewing halfwit like me could manage these, and they look so lovely. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

  7. so simple I just need to learn to use a sewing machine!