Saturday, 16 August 2014

Disney Frozen Party Ideas

We recently threw our own Frozen party - no reason, just because - well who doesn't want to celebrate the awesomeness that is Elsa and Anna?

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few ideas of mine and some of the best the web has to offer in case you're planning your own Frozen inspired birthday party.


I used these lovely free printable invites from 31 Wife Fo Life.  But I also love the 'do you want to build a snowman' idea from Mummy Mummy Mum as an invite - we did these as party favours too.


We bought mini  flavoured water bottles and removed the labels.  Then, I cut out replacement sleeves from some Frozen wrapping paper and used a glue stick to attach.  I coloured the water with the teeniest tiniest drop of blue food colouring (use a pipette or old kids' medicine dose syringe to control the drops!)

Or for a somewhat healthier option, Here Come The Girls has some adorable Olaf juice cartons.


If your party is going to involve watching the movie, then popcorn is essential!  I made some popcorn buckets (see my tutorial) using some more of the Frozen wrapping paper, and left a huge bowl out so they could refill.

We also made cake pops using the same clever no-bake method that Here Come the Girls uses.  It's a great excuse to break out the old Christmas sprinkles!

We had sandwiches cut with snowflake cookie cutters, and because I was feeling guilty about the distinct lack of fruit and veg, we had Olaf noses (carrots of course).  We also made some crispie snowballs - use white chocolate and cereal to make a Frozen take on the old classic.  Sprinkle with blue edible decorations.

If you're feeling more ambitious with your sandwiches, Mummy Mishaps has some amazing Frozen inspired sarnies - Love is an open door sandwich is genius.

Party Games:

Lots of traditional party games can easily be adapted to make them more Frozen:

Pin the tail (or antlers!) on Sven
Musical Ice Statues
Stuck in the Ice (a game of tag like Stuck in the Mud)

I made some very quick and easy bean bags, decorated with felt snowflakes for a throwing game.  You just need a bucket or a hula hoop to throw into, and score points.


There are lots of free printable colouring sheets available at Better In Bulk

You could try some no-cook play dough and build your own snowmen like over at Jennifer's Little World. She also shares this lovely idea for making reindeer antlers.

Speaking of headgear, Mummy Mummy Mum has a beautiful Elsa crown, and Kids Chaos these adorable paper cup crowns.


If it's a birthday party, then of course that wouldn't be complete without a cake, and you'd be hard-pressed to find one (or should that be two!) as stunning as this by Here Come the Girls.

Party favours and bags:

There's a myriad of Frozen stuff on the market now, but you can still make your own bits and bobs to go in party bags.  We added some cake pops wrapped in cellophane with a pretty blue ribbon, a DIY snowman kit made of marshmallows, some edible eyes and a sugar carrot cake topper.  Ruby also made some simple bag charms by threading pale blue and white or silver beads onto yarn and attaching them to a keyring.

You can also buy thrifty favours such as packs of temporary tattoos, Panini stickers and Frozen inspired coloured loom band packs which won't break the bank.

What other ideas do you have?


  1. this is a wonderful post - infact i have just sent the link to a friend who i throwing a frozen party for her daughter in october (I am making the cake eeek!)
    so many clever ideas - thank you for including mine x x

  2. The Frozen party Liz held for her daughter was amazing! My 6 yr old had a brilliant time and the attention to detail made it the 'real deal'. The 'edible Olaf' left my daughter open-mouthed as she pulled it out from her bag of goodies. It was every girl's dream party! I might stay around and hangout next time - if they let me!

  3. I am no more a kid but I honestly had so much fun when I decided to have a mini party of this theme with my sis and cousins. I just can't imagine how kids would go crazy to have such one too! I was searching for my Frozen Birthday Party ideas to add to my collection. I am thankful to come across this post. :)
    God bless!

  4. what a lovely party! You are a very good mama... that's memories in the making there... thank you so much for adding my little paper cup crowns too x

  5. My daughter really like Elsa and Ana, that's we choose frozen themed party for their my eldest daughter 9th birthday this coming December. And we are searching for more ideas on how we are going to make it more like an frozen setting. i really appreciate the ideas you have shared it is really amazing. I got an Idea what menu we will serve to the kids.

  6. How wonderful Party Ideas!! This frozen theme is amazing dear!! You know I also want to organize such a nice themed party for my kids but I know that I am not a good planner. Well I always get help from my friend who is a professional party planner in New York.

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