Thursday 5 December 2013

Pull a cracker with the £1,800 KiddyCharts Advent Calendar giveaways


We are playing host to Helen Neale today. She blogs over at both KiddyCharts and Stickers, Stars and Smiles. KiddyCharts is where she offers parenting tools and advice to those with children under nine or so. She sells personalised kids charts here, and tries to look professional *dons suit.* Her is a more personal journey with her two children. She can occasionally be seen here eating chocolate and looking a lot less serious; perhaps even in a silly hat.

Hello to all the Me and My shadow readers, and thanks for being such a wonderful host. *chicks glasses* I have booted the Shadow off the blog, so that I can politely tell you about rather a wonderful opportunity for all your Christmassy feeling people. Something where you might just win over £1,900 of goodies.

Trying to be a mum, and an analyst in the big smoke proved to be too much for me. I couldn't deal with the late nights from squealing kids, coupled with the later nights from squealing clients. KiddyCharts was my answer; an outlet for my writing, and a solution to those late nights. The blog was designed to give the parents like me a little tranquillity in the chaos that is toddler-dom. Advice and personalised charts to ease the pain.

KiddyCharts colourful reward track charts seem to be a favourite with parents like me. So, I decided to bring a little Christmassy feel to the site with a Santa themed one which we then turned into an advent calendar, just for you. *puts on Santa hat*


The idea is that every day, you get a chance to win a new prize. Click on the presents and they open *who knew.* Inside each pressie is a new giveaway - each and every day. Oddly, the advent calendar started on December 1st, but as usual, I wasn't organised enough to write this is time *slaps wrist. Since then we have had a few great prizes already, including a personalised scooter from Microscooters and even some wonderful vouchers for you. From both Experience Days, and Truprint. The giveaways are on the site for a week, so even these ones haven't actually passed you by. The first giveaway doesn't close until December 8th; so what are you waiting for...visit the advent calendar and so you don't miss out. You can even sign up to the mailing list as well, to get a daily reminder to take part as the giveaways go live on the site:

What are you waiting for? It would be lovely to give a Me and My Shadow reader a lovely present this Christmas. Take a quick peek. :-D


  1. Now that has to be even better than a chocolate advent calendar! :)

  2. Ooo heading over wearing my lucky pants!

  3. I'm in a lucky mood - just won twice in the raffle at school - so maybe I'll head over there while I'm on a roll.

  4. Thanks so much for letting me lose on the blog - hope that one of the readers gets lucky! xx