Monday 9 December 2013

Easy DIY Christmas Cards - Helicopter Seed Mistletoe

Helicopter Seed Mistletoe Christmas Card

These Christmas cards are super cute and super easy, and use items from nature so we get the added bonus of going out for a walk to collect the bits.

Most kids will know of helicopter seeds - the little twizzlers that come from Maples and Sycamores, and we also used the little balls from Lime seeds too, but if you can't find these you could use a white button, small pompom or white sequin instead.

This was another great opportunity to talk about trees and specifically the different methods of seed dispersal, why it happens and why it's important. For more information, this free spotters guide from the Forestry Commission is really useful.

We are knee deep in these type of seeds round here so they are very easy to pick up.  It's a little more tricky to find the helicopters still in pairs, but as you'll be glueing them in place don't worry, just find some similar sized ones and you can pair them up yourself.

Paint the Sycamore seeds with green paint, and the round part of the Lime seeds with white paint them leave to dry.

Arrange on your card in the mistletoe shape, and glue in place.

We had a lovely discussion about mistletoe and how it's a parasitic plant that grows on other trees - mainly apple trees.  I told Ruby that real mistletoe is poisonous so we shouldn't really touch it. We talked about the tradition of using it to decorate at Christmas and of course, we talked about kisses!

If you want to find out more about festive forest activities, check out all the events happening at Forestry Commission sites across the country, from festive fairs, illuminations, santa's grotto and special arts and craft activities.

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  1. Such a simple craft Liz for kids to do.I did a very lazy thing with all our seeds, conkers, pinecones etc yesterday.Lazy but effective.I must blog about it tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Aly. I'd like to see what you've done x

  2. Love this .... so simple, even I could do it and that is saying something :-)

  3. What a fantastic idea Liz. I'm going hunting for helicopters this weekend :-)

  4. Beautiful idea and so simple. Sometimes less really is more x

  5. this is lovely - so simple and looks amazing, not sure we could make ours as neatly but i like seeing yours! will pin this x

  6. Think these may be better than our helicopter seed cards. *sulks*

  7. How gorgeous, and best of all simple too! I had no idea that eventually mistletoe kills the tree that it lives on until recently. My Mum told me. She knows EVERYTHING! :D x

  8. I saw this on your facebook page Lizzie, beautiful!

  9. I love this Christmas card! Not only is it very easy to make, but it can also serve as a nice bonding activity with the kids. And an educational one too!

  10. Nice post you have, I really like this christmas card idea of yours. I'm sure my kids will also enjoy doing this cards.
    BTW, thanks for sharing :)