Monday 9 December 2013

Magpie Monday - It's Christmas!!

Apologies for the sporadic posting of Magpie Monday of late.  Things are a bit chaotic here, nothing seems to be going to plan and I've hit that annual Oh-My-God-It's-Nearly-Christmas-and-Nothing's-Ready meltdown.

Following on from my last Magpie Monday post, and my impressive Christmas Puddings...I was feeling very smug with my first ever attempt at making them...right up until the moment the dog stole and ate 2 out of the 3 of them.  Let's just say I was not amused and leave it at that.

We finally got our Christmas trees up this weekend, about 2 weeks after the rest of the street and I was guilted into it.  The big real tree is up in the front room and Ruby has her little artificial one in her bedroom.

I picked this up in a charity shop a couple of years back - it's amazing how quickly people chuck out their fake trees.  Hopefully we'll use this for many years to come, and then donate it on again once she's had enough of girly pink and white.

She's allowed to decorate the tree herself - and it helps with my OCDness about the 'big tree' meaning she generally lets me get on with the one that everyone sees.

Her decorating is of the 'more-is-more' school of thought as she ladens down the branches with every bauble in the box.  Everything on her tree is either thrifted or handmade, and my favourites are the couple of vintage ones I've managed to find.  They actually seem to be rare as rocking horse poo round her, and I suspect get scooped up and put on eBay for silly money quicker than you can say lametta.

Are you having a thrifted Christmas this year?  Are you ready for the big day yet, or like me are you running around like a headless turkey?



  1. I like your daughter's style!

  2. We just got our Christmas tree and other holiday decor stuff all set up last week, and of course it's mostly thrifted or handmade stuff! I LOVE the Christmas season, so I try to get it going as soon as possible once December rolls around. Still working on the list of gifts to buy, but getting there and starting to almost feel ready!