Wednesday, 3 April 2013

We're going on a feather hunt!

I'm a big believer in getting kids outdoors.  Allowing them fresh air, exercise and the chance to connect with the seasons and the natural world.

An important approach to this aim is to show them that getting cold and wet is not something to be feared.  Our schools seem to be complicit in isolating our children from the weather, and so you'll hear expressions such as 'wet breaks' and 'snow days' making the elements something to be feared.

Of course, the Old Man has to go one step further with this principle of embracing the cold and wet, so while he was busy doing this with a friend...

...Ruby and myself spent some time feeding the ducks and the swans and admiring their beauty.

We had a mission that day, and that was to find some feathers for a craft project.

We asked them nicely, but even in exchange for bread, they weren't giving them up.

So we ambled along the riverbank, picking up those we found.

The daffodils were out and the weeping willows were bursting into life.  Finally, finally, I think spring is here.

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  1. Aww cute!! but your old man is bloody mad! :)

  2. My children will jump in our river, in fact they did today so your husband is not alone. I assume that was a serious sponsorship for something? Lovely to see you and Ruby out collecting feathers in support, I wonder what the craft activity will be? Hoping you are right about spring, our animals are desperate to see some fresh grass grow! Thanks for joining me on Country Kids

    1. Hi Fiona. No, no sponsorship, it's just his hobby. He does it most weekends. Crazy fool!

  3. You have a very brave Old man there! Can't imagine what the swans and ducks must think! I can cope with feather hunting though.

    1. The feather hunting was very productive. I wouldn't have wanted to get in the water with the swans though, some of them were being very territorial and looked quite scary.

  4. Interesting hobby your Old Man has! Much more sedate feeding the ducks.