Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Announcing my Cybher sponsor

I am so thrilled to announce that DYLON will be sponsoring Me and My Shadow again this year to attend the Cybher conference.

I had such a wonderful time working with them last year, and have truly loved being an ambassador for their fabric and craft products.

Sometimes, when you really believe in a brand and its products, it just feels right to team up with them, and I'm honoured they've chosen to work with me again.

They give me lots of creative freedom to come up with craft ideas and try new things, which in turn I hope encourages you to have a go.

I love that people contact me on Twitter and Facebook, asking advice about anything from dyeing their curtains, to how to use the puff paints, and I've become known as the DYLON Queen.

Sophie Cotgrove, Brand Manager at DYLON had these lovely words to say:

"We're huge fans of Liz's blog and never cease to be impressed by the wonderful projects she comes up with using our fabric dyes, paints and pens,  We're thrilled to be sponsoring Liz once again this year, so that she can attend Cybher and come together with other influential bloggers".

Wow!  Thank you so much DYLON.  I have my thinking cap on already for loads of new projects and inspiration for the coming year.


  1. Fabulous news Liz, all the very best to you and Dylon :-)

  2. Well done you. Fantastic news. Look forward to even more inspirational posts from you this year xxx
    Really would love to be there this year but somehow don't think I ill make it. (also happens to be my birthday ) xxx

    1. Thanks Karen - the pressure's on to come up with more ideas :0)

      Hope you can make it, would be great to catch up, it's been AGES.