Friday, 19 April 2013

Jungle Express - learn your numbers with Orchard Toys

Yet again Orchard Toys have come up trumps with another great puzzle.

Jungle Express is a fun; bright jigsaw full of busy activity and plenty to keep active little minds occupied.

It's fair to say that Ruby is more a letters and words kind of girl, and is somewhat turned off by figures and sums, so anything we can do to put numbers in front of her and introduce maths in a fun way is great.

The 30 piece large puzzle was challenging enough for her - it's aimed at 3-5 year olds and she's at the top end of that age range.

Once completed we spent quite a while counting up all the animals, just to make sure the designers hadn't made any mistakes!  We counted 10 tortoises, 9 jumping frogs, 8 grey hippopotamus...

We then did some sums - how many animals would you have if you added the crocodiles and the monkeys together...what about if you added the lions too?

This is a puzzle that we go back to time and again to encourage her maths and I think it's helping.

As you'd expect from any Orchard Toy, it's sturdy and robust, well made and beautifully designed.

Check out their full range of fun and educational jigsaws; puzzles and board games on the website.

Have you tried any Orchard Toys products?  Which one is your favourite?

Disclosure: We were sent this jigsaw for the purposes of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. We could do with a few of these kind of things as try as I might my Miss A, is not in the slightest bit interested in numbers. It does not bode well, it would seem she has inherited my gene, as opposed to her accountant fathers! Love Orchard toys, we only have a couple of the games though. Must seek out the Jigsaws!

    1. Yes Ruby's exactly like me too in this respect. I just don't have a head for numbers and don't find them interesting, so I have to try hard not to let my lack of interest rub off.

      This puzzle's great for putting numbers in front of her without her even realising, and giving us the chance to talk about them.

  2. Little Miss C is jigsaw mad at the moment - she even insists on doing one whilst we dry her hair in the evening - so I'll have to look out for this one.

    1. Haha that's multi-tasking for you. I'm impressed!

  3. This looks great - my 4yo has one of their alphabet ones and they learn so much from them!

  4. Liv absolutely loves Jungle Express - it's a fantastic jigsaw and great quality - the Orchard Toys range rocks!

  5. We love Orchard toys games, I must look at the jigsaws.