Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Must See Kid's Films for Easter

OK I admit it.  I want to be Claudia Winkleman.  Or I want her hair at least.  In a bid to pretend I am in fact her (indulge me will you) I'm bringing you a round-up of some of the best films for little 'uns in time for the Easter break.

First up is The Croods.  Due for release later this week, we were lucky enough to see a preview this weekend.  Rated a Universal, it's suitable for the whole family and there were some genuine laugh out loud moments.

The pre-historic family have their world threatened when seismic movements destroy their only safe haven - their cave.  This challenges the father (Ugg) and his sole philosophy that new is bad, but thrills central character Eep the teenage cave-girl who believes their existence so far has been not dying as opposed to actually living.

It's a welcome change to have a strong female lead role, and someone for girls to identify with, although I'd have preferred it if she hadn't gone all fey at the arrival of Guy, the new cool kid on the block who uses his brain rather than his brawn.

This film says a lot about father-daughter relationships, and I found it quite poignant - that moment when a dad realises he is no longer his little girl's whole universe.

The Dreamworks animation film is in 3D, and to be perfectly honest I'm not sure how much that added to the experience.  I know some kids don't enjoy 3D, and some point blank refuse to wear the glasses. Luckily the Odeon cinema we visited had kid's size glasses as well as clip-on ones for spectacle wearers so it wasn't too much of an inconvenience.

One film which I suspect definitely WILL benefit from the 3D treatment is Disney Pixar classic Finding Nemo.

This much loved underwater adventure is returning to cinemas at the end of the month, and for the first time ever will be in 3D.

First released in 2003, Finding Nemo won an Oscar for Best Animated Picture and has quickly become a modern classic.  We're looking forward to seeing if the 3D make-over adds a new edge and lives up to it's promise of making you feel like you're in Nemo's underwater adventure with him.

Finally, if you don't fancy a trip to the flicks, how about a DVD to snuggle down and watch at home?  There's a new caper from Scooby Doo and team out called The Mask of the Blue Falcon, which is perfect for a movie and popcorn evening at home.

This latest offering from Warner Bros is based around a comic book convention, where the gang are forced to channel their inner super heroes to save the day after a group of villains and baddies are released.

There's loads of reference to comic book history and characters from days gone by, certainly enough to keep the grown ups sniggering.

The whole premise of a Scooby Doo movie is so reassuring and ingrained into our psyche, it's no wonder that Shaggy and the gang have been going for so long.

This is definitely one for your inner child and has as much to offer Mum and Dad as it does the littlies in your house.

So what are your must-see movies this Easter?  Do you have any to add?

Disclosure: All views are my own.  We attended a preview screening of The Croods and were sent a review copy of Scooby Doo for the purposes of this blog.  This post contains and affiliate link.


  1. We are definitely going to see The Croods, a movie trip is always part of every school holidays, love Finding Nemo too, but really looking forward to new Monsters Inc in the summer!

    1. I think you'll enjoy The Croods! The website is good too - you can 'Croodify' yourself. Ohh how we laughed...

  2. We went to the croods preview too and really enjoyed it. I really want to see finding nemo in 3d too

    1. It was good wasn't it Anna? I think Finding Nemo will be amazing, it's so funny taking Ruby to a 3D, her arms are flailing everywhere as she tried to catch things!

  3. Replies
    1. I think you'd love it Emma, it's very funny.