Thursday 28 March 2013

Easter Eggs - decorating masterclass with Rococo and ACHICA

ACHICA, the members-only luxury brand discount site, teamed up with Rococo chocolates and invited me to a very special Easter event this week.

Rococo chocolates are celebrating 30 years in business this year.  Their award winning chocolate is sourced from Grenada and all the organic products made from the Rococo House Blend contain beans from the joint venture between Rococo and the Grenada Chocolate Company.  The ethical, fair trade chocolate is then turned into their trademark quirky shapes and products, stunningly packaged and sold through their exclusive and beautiful shops.

Our session began with a lesson on how the bean-to-bar process takes place - with some helpful tasting along the way.

Then we were let loose with smooth chocolate eggs and an array of decorations. Armed with a piping bag and a bowl of warm melted chocolate, the creative process began.

The urge to stick my head and open mouth under this was overwhelming, but will-power prevailed.

I can't think of a lovelier way to spend a morning, and I got some bespoke, hand-decorated and personalised eggs to present on Easter Sunday.

Thank you so much to ACHICA and Rococo.

If you want to purchase Rococo chocolates (or any other designer goodies) from the ACHICA site, you will need to register first.

Disclosure: I attended the event as described above and received a goody bag.  This post contains an affiliate link.


  1. OMG!! This looks like so much fun! Like you, I would of found it just as hard to not put my head under that running chocolate!!

    1. Oh it really was! I want to play with chocolate every day.

  2. That looks brilliant! I would have stuck my head in that molten chocolate for sure! Your finished egg is lovely. x

    1. Thanks Wendy, I hope he likes it (if it lasts til Sunday!)

      That chocolate machine was sooooo tempting.

  3. Omg that tap!!!! Those eggs!! How did you not throw yourself at it?? Looks a fantastic workshop!

  4. It was a lovely morning wasn't it, and lovely to finally meet you Liz. Can't wait to see my girls' faces when they open their eggs :)