Friday 18 January 2013

Summer Holidays - thinking ahead

As I sit here watching a blanket of white snow envelope my world, my thoughts are drifting to sunshine and holidays.

Don't get me wrong, I love the snow and I don't have any desire to go jetting off halfway around the world to escape it.  But after 2 lovely weeks of family time together over Christmas, I'm looking forward to us all relaxing and having fun again.

This will be the first summer where we are affected by school terms and the associated rise in prices, so maybe booking a few weekend breaks is the way forward?   There are great parts of the country I've never visited and lots of deals on offer to keep my feet firmly in GB, and besides, Ruby's child passport expires before the summer anyway so we'd have the hassle of renewing that - aren't child 5 year passports just the biggest swizz ever?

Ruby's been consumed with all the holiday adverts that appear on the telly at this time of the year.  She sits there wide eyed and open mouthed at the activities; pools; lodges and cottages.  The idyllic summer holiday.

The other day she came rushing in to me while I was doing dinner, begging:

"Mummy, mummy pleeeeeeaaaaassssseee can we go to Butlins?"

I laughed and told her I wasn't sure what we were up to this summer, and I wasn't sure if we could afford it as we've already committed to a couple of other things this year.

Quick as a flash she came back with "but Mummy, we can afford it.  The first child goes free.  I'm your first child aren't I mummy".

Fair dos.  I can't really argue with that can I?  My little queen of the back-chat.  Little Miss I-have-an-answer-for-everything.

We have a trip to the Lake District planned already for Easter time, and a trip away with friends that we've already agreed to do this year, so I guess it is time to start thinking about a main holiday.

There's a new holiday park opening about a mile from our front door later in the year.  I was rather hoping to bundle her into the back of the car, drive round and round a few roundabouts, and 'ta-dah' we're on holiday!! She'd never know would she?

Him indoors is keen for us to invest in a family tent.  Something more practical than the poncey Cath Kidston flowered effort I was seduced into buying a few years ago, but which, realistically won't fit 2 adults, a small child and a dog in.

I can't say I have any desire to go camping.  Trudging across a field to use a dubious toilet or a communal shower block gives me the willies.  Sharing a confined canvas enclosure with various family members farting and snoring is not my idea of fun.  But with his new found enthusiasm for outdoor swimming, I keep catching him sneaking onto Google Earth looking for suitable places to pitch a tent near large lakes. Oh if only he'd been bitten by the 'staying in boutique hotels with spa grade toiletries and gourmet meals' bug...

I'm not looking forward to seeing the prices rocket when schools break up, and I guess now I'll finally understand what everyone moans about.  Best get checking out those 'free child places'.

What are your holiday plans this year?

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

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