Monday, 28 January 2013

Luxe for Less - Biotherm

Welcome to a brand new feature on the blog.  Here I will be bringing you smart ways to continue with those little self indulgent treats.  They may be special offers; savvy swaps; freebies; voucher codes or DIY versions.

I've been really inspired by Becky Goddard Hill's book, 100 ways to be a thrifty family.  Even when you're on a budget, you can still find ways to have life's little luxuries.  Saving money is all well and good, but going without sucks!

My first Luxe for Less is a little online freebie deal I found for Biotherm skin care at Boots.

Biotherm is a high-end product, therefore not one I was familiar with!  However, with the years creeping up on me I'm well aware that I need to take stock and sort out my skincare regime (or even put one in place - that would be a start!).

It's fair to say that the beauty counter in a department store is not my natural habitat, but I brazened it out and guess what?  Those white overalled girls are not creatures from another planet after all.  They are just like you and me.  Only oranger.

No, I'm being unkind.  The lady who served me was lovely and had the kind of complexion I'd love.  She was friendly and approachable and put me totally at ease.

If you download this voucher (tip, print in black and white - it will be easier to read, plus you'll save on expensive coloured ink!), before end of February 2013 and take it along to the Biotherm counter at Boots (larger stores only) you'll be treated to a free consultation and 3 free samples.

Biotherm is a French company, producing skin care since the 1950's.  They use natural extracts from the sea - micro organisms; plankton and algae - making products which refresh and revitalise the skin.

Their new range, Blue Therapy, contains blue micro-algae, golden algae and pure thermal plantkton to combat the three signs of ageing - wrinkles, firmness and dark spots.

The serum is a rich, luxurious lotion, instantly moisturising and leaving a delicate shimmer from the natural golden algae.  I really did love this!  The consultant demonstrated this on my hand, and even now, some 8 hours later, my skin is still soft and silky, with a shimmery sheen to it.

But.  Remember, freebies are only freebies as long as you don't fall for the sales patter.  Be firm and stick to your guns.  I was nearly wavering, and almost came away with a £50 bottle of serum.  £50???  Seriously?

I politely told her I'd try out the samples first and see how I got on before deciding to invest or not.

The products are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots until this Thursday.  So I may be tempted after all.

In fact, I finally got round to making a phone call I should have done ages ago.  I called the Boots Advantage line.  You see, I'm forever losing my card and picking up temporary ones.  I've moved house twice and not updated my details.  Turns out, I have 3 different Advantage cards on the go.  The lovely call centre assistant has now amalgamated all my points onto one card and is sending is out to me.

To my joy, it seems I have amassed over 8,000 points!!  So in theory I could get 3 pots of the serum for nothing.  In fact, buying online through my cashback site, and with the new Advantage points I'd earn on that purchase, they'd effectively be paying me to buy it!

If you don't have an advantage card and you want to purchase Biotherm, it's worth doing it through their site as they also have a special offer on (also ending 31.01.13).  Spend over £40 and you get a free kit worth £23.

So, have you tried Biotherm?  Would you recommend it?  Is it worth the price tag?  Or perhaps you have a budget skin-care routine you'd like to share?

**All prices and offers correct at time of publication.  These may be subject to change, please check first.  This post is my own, and not endorsed or financially rewarded by any company.**


  1. Great post, i love trying to squeeze a little bit out of the luxury market without having to actually pay full price and this is a great way. Looks like i'm off to boots, and that reminds me must really phone up about all those lost cards!

  2. I absolutely love that you get every bit off you can and currently i have no advantage card but probablty als have about 3 old ones I will put it on my to do list You are an inspiration!

  3. Ahh thank you you two!! Yes, just call up (0845 124 4545) give them your name and DOB and they should be able to find you. Hope you've got lots of forgotten points languishing waiting for you x

  4. you really don't need to buy expensive beauty to look awesome and feel great about yourself