Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Come rain, come shine

It might be cold outside at the moment, but spring isn’t too far away. The days are getting lighter, and it seems to be getting a little bit warmer outside, so you might want to think about making plans for when the snow finally melts (if it hasn’t already) and the evenings are light.

Being indoors for what seems like forever can be boring, but the winter weather has made it impossible for everyone to go outside and truly enjoy themselves. We all know that the weather can be a bit on the grim side in our beloved Britain, but when it does finally brighten up, why shouldn’t we be able to make the most of it? I mean we only get a few weeks of real summer per year, and I am surely not missing out on these days, when they finally decide to appear.

When the weather’s better, why not spruce up your garden and make it a great place to have a gathering with your family or friends? Having the perfect garden might seem like a distant dream, especially when parts of the country is just coming out of a cold snap (which might return at any time), but you could make a start over the weekend. Nothing beats conviction, right – not even bad weather J

Think about what would make the perfect garden dinner party or barbecue for example. I found this page on OprahWinfrey’s site very useful, especially some of the recipe ideas. Try and ask your family what they want to do in a few months’ time, and see whether they have any good ideas, kind of like a brainstorm of sorts.

You might want to “doll up” your home and garden a little with all that garden furniture you’ve been hiding in the garage or storage room. Some nice garden décor or even the addition of patio awnings as depicted here could definitely spruce things up a bit; and best of all – you can sit outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun for hours without worrying about your kids being overexposed to harmful UV rays.

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  1. I love it when late afternoon's are still light, a sure sign of approaching spring.

    CJ x