Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pets at Christmas

Our dog is an integral part of our family, but now I kind of feel she should have her own Twitter profile...

According to an International Animal Welfare Charity, one in ten pets now have their own social media account.

  Social Petworking Stars

If they can run a Facebook page, surely they can write a letter to Santa? Right?

With this in mind, me and the hound sat down to peruse the GJW Titmuss website to come up with our entry to their Christmas Stocking competition where you could win your choice of gifts up to £200.

She's a high maintenance kinda girl, so here's what she chose:

A Hunter Tweed Padded coat, for all those long winter walks.  She needs to look as stylish as her mummy after all.

A super comfy new bed, with added padding and high sides to keep out the draughts and keep her snug all winter - although the look in her eye tells me she doesn't think it looks quite as comfy as the large double bed upstairs...

Every girl needs some smellies in her Christmas socking, so she's chosen this deodorising spray.  Although she visits the doggie salon, this will keep her smelling fresh in between trips.

Being a Labrador, when it comes to food more is more, so although there were lots of tasty treats to chose from, she's gone for bulk in the form of her regular dog food.  This brand is great for her health, her coat and helps keep her weight under control.

She's picked a nice new grooming brush to keep her looking slick and glossy.

And lastly, because she's going for all round good looks, something to keep her teeth clean and healthy.  She LOVES these sticks and doesn't even realise they are doing her good.

So, our basket comes to a grand total of £198.64.  What do you think?  Is she worth it?

What Ella hears: "mwa mwa mwa mwa"

We've had a long conversation about how Santa will only come if she's a good girl, and no, chewing up my leather gloves does not constitute 'good'.


  1. Hahah! Love it! Bless her! x

  2. Andrea - Life With Liv18 December, 2012 13:30

    Awww love it! Our King Charles has his own stocking filled with treats and toys for the big day (he even has a doggy advent calender!) even our Cockatiel gets some millet :)

  3. Our cats have a facebook page but in fairness it was to keep in touch with their ex family who moved to Australia!
    They get a Xmas stocking each and Bad Bobby got very excited as I put the decorations up. I wondered if he'd get sad and be reminded of his old family but he sat and watched me, purring his head off!
    Love the idea of a doggy advent calendar!
    Ella looks totally worth it! x

  4. I love that bed too! Jackson loves his facebook page and has lots of boxer friends and a fair few Labs too - I think Ela should ger her own profile