Monday, 17 December 2012

Merry Magpie Monday Christmas

As I fight my way round the shops, desperately searching for things on people's Christmas lists, it occurs to me how infrequently I actually visit 'real' shops.

Shoving my way through the crowds, past all the plastic tat and mass-produced nonsense, I'm proud of my usual second-hand shopping habits.

Sitting here casting my eye around my home, I feel content and a little bit smug at my bits and pieces, sourced creatively from charity shops; jumble sales; car boots; auctions and, on occasions, snaffled from the street.

Our home is now full of things that have been scrubbed and polished, revamped and upcycled, all of which have a story to tell, a previous life and often, a former purpose.

I love that I've rescued these things, saved them from landfill and not wasted precious resources making new.

From the clothes in our wardrobe (and, now I come to think of it, the actual wardrobe), to the chairs we sit on and the plates we eat off... from the vintage decorations I'm about to put on our tree, to the wreath on the kitchen door, they have all been salvaged and re-loved.

It's been a great year for thrifting and I've thoroughly enjoyed hosting Magpie Monday each week.  I've met some wonderful kindred spirits and found some amazing new blogs.  I've oohed and ahhed at the estate sale finds of our American friends and watched with such happiness and admiration The White Approach's business take off.

I've hooked up with Chris Tea and Cakes, and had her over last weekend to pop her jumble sailing cherry.

I've had a scream with Molly; Amanda and Goriami at Britmums and I'm sure if we hadn't been so hungover we'd have managed to sneak a vintage market or two in.

I've made firm friends with the lovely Lucy, met up for illicit lunchtime chazza raids, been foraging and was honoured to go to her gaff for her birthday party.

I picked up an amazing new friend in a house clearance shop (see, you really can find ANYTHING in these places) and from not knowing her from Adam just a few months ago, we now speak almost everyday and I'm so grateful she's appeared in my life - I now count her as one of my closest friends.

So all in all, a lot to be grateful for.  You wouldn't get any of that in Debenhams would you?

I'm going to take a little break over Christmas, so the next Magpie Monday will be on the 7th January.

I want to wish all of you a very thrifty new year, I hope the charity shop gods continue to smile on you, and I hope you and your family have the 

Just to be clear - I'm wishing you 'the ultimate Christmas' - not a new dick.  Unless it's on your list of course.

Grab the badge and link up your thrifty pleasures.
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  1. Awww what a lovely post xx Next year..bring on the vintage London finds post B'mums!

  2. HAHA that last line gave me my lols for the day! Thank you for hosting Magpie Monday, it's been really lovely to share this way of living (giving new purpose to old pretty stuff) with others similar. Happy Chrimbo xo

  3. i love love love this blog!....been so inspired this year!....i have 3 friends to buy for and was thinking a jar of homemade chutney, wee bit of cheese, wee dinky bottle of wine and then something out my vintage stash that would suit each of them! xxx

  4. lol, my dick is perfectly serviceable thanks!

    Thanks for the big up and link, oh and for tenderly popping my jumble cherry, you're a sweetheart and I love you.

    Merry Christmas to you and your dick. x

  5. Lovely post - hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

  6. Such a great post - I've so enjoyed Magpie Monday this year, thanks Liz - you've really inspired me. Hope you have a very happy Christmas x

  7. lol at the bit on the end!! ((blush))

    Thanks for hosting every week, looking forward to 'seeing' you again next year!

    Aqeela xx

  8. I feel the same way when I go to "real" shops these days, too. I'm very happy that most of my gifts this year are coming from Etsy, my thrifted stash, or homemade by me. Thanks for hosting week after week, and have a great Christmas "break"!

  9. have a wonderful holiday i too am thrilled with all my finds this year and how lovely they now make my place feel with the love ive poured into them this year revamping

  10. *sniggers* sorry I haven't taken part for ages.I've got a haul of presents from charity shops for my kids this year.They will get a new lego game each but everything else will be second hand.They actually don't mind and love coming with me to find bargains.

  11. Awh, lovely post. Merry Chrimbo! May your dick...erm always feel like a new one, or summat ;)

  12. I'll link up a post later today but I wanted to thank you for the link up each week. Not only have I felt able to enjoy and share my own passion for thrifty shopping and finding - I've also found the confidence to source and sell vintage goods through my own online shop and found space in a glorious vintage shop locally to sell more. A new business venture doing something I'm crazy about and you are my inspiration to pursue it, so thank you.

  13. You summed it up beautifully lovely lady. Sorry I have not been around much of late, so much work on (not complaining).

    Hope to be back with magpie Monday in the new year. Thank you so much for the lovely mention. Hope to see you at one of the events next year.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours.

    Long live thrifty and vintage xxxx