Wednesday 5 December 2012

Jesus, Mary & Joseph...It's the School Nativity

Ruby came scurrying home from school a few weeks back with the news that she was to play Mary in the nativity, and that I had to make a costume for her.

"Mummy, it needs to be blue and white and long and I need a blue head scarf and a white band.  Oh and I need a baby Jesus....."

I had every intention of making it, I really did, but losing 2 weeks to family sickness bugs, Christmas shopping blah-de-blah, time has run away.

Luckily Simply Fancy Dress have come to the rescue and provided suitable attire.  We rummaged through the toy box and located her only boy doll, who unfortunately had been involved in some rather excessive medical role play.

After scrubbing off Baby Jesus' felt tip chicken pox, treating him to a new muslin (one which doesn't have blackberry gin stains or dog chewed corners), we're good to go.

Doesn't she look serene?  Ahhh I wish she could always be this wholesome...

We're not a religious family, so landing this part doesn't have any spiritual significance for me, but I do have to stop myself from referring to it as the 'female lead role'.

Ruby tells me that:

"Me and (Joseph) and (the donkey) are really important, my teacher said so.  We get to stand up first and we're the only ones on the stage, so we're REALLY special".

"Yes, darling, but everyone is special, you all have parts to play".

"Yeah but, we're the first ones up so we're even more specialer".

Way to go with that humility Mary.

I can't wait for the actual performance next week, but I suspect with rules and regs being what they are, I won't be allowed to take any pictures.  If you're in a pickle for nativity costumes this year, then check out the website.  The Child's Virgin Mary Costume gets the thumbs up from Ruby, and there's a host of others to choose from.

If you're having a more secular performance (I do miss those bonkers 'festive' plays we had at our old nursery, with random characters like tin men and kangaroos), then how about something like this.

Image credit: Simply Fancy Dress

We were also sent the child's SuperGirl costume to try, but there's no way I'm showing her that until after the nativity.  Because you know what will happen don't you...

Disclosure: Thanks to Simply Fancy Dress for providing these costumes for the purposes of this post.


  1. Ah the last-minute scramble for nativity play costume. I know it well.

    1. Aww this is my first one so I'm a Virgin Mary Virgin. Thank goodness they came up trumps with the costume or she'd have been dressed in a dog chewed tea towel!

  2. She looks adorable, a perfect Mary. Such a lovely memory to have :)

    1. Ahh thanks A, want to see pictures of your Mary too! x

  3. My daughter has landed the part of "narrator number 6"! But, lovely as she is, I agree with the casting, if you wanted Mary to curl up in a ball and cry then she's your girl!

    1. Ahh Narrator Number 6 sounds like a FAB part!

      Mary is non-speaking in this play - not quite sure how/why they picked gob-almighty for a silent part but hey! xx

  4. Oh go on! Let her dress as Super girl for the nativity *snort*

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Our school isn't even doing a nativity! :(

  5. What a perfect Mary, I almost had a religious conversion there when I saw the first picture. What a lovely costume and Ruby looks absolutely beautiful in it, no need for humility. Enjoy the performance!

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  7. Aw she is so cute! Lovely!
    (my first comment was full of typos!)

  8. Ah magic! I cried my ours out at Sammys! xx