Monday 17 September 2012

Total Greek Yoghurt - Tia Maria Chocolate Fridge Cake

Did you know there are 1,000 different recipes on the Total Greek Yoghurt website?  That's 1,000 ways to enjoy this 100% natural, authentic Greek taste.

Not only that, but they've launched a great new Facebook app so you don't even need to leave your social media page to get your recipe inspiration.

I chose and tested one of their recipes as part of their celebratory competition (click on the badge at the bottom of the page to find out more about the competition).  The one I picked was this mouth-watering Chocolate Tia Maria Fridge Cake.  Even I can't mess up a no-bake cake right?

To be perfectly honest, I'd have been happy as Larry to have just sat there with a big spoon, ladling the molten chocolate gloop into my mouth - it smelt fabulous!

But, in the spirit of testing out the recipe, I followed it through and popped it into the fridge.

The recipe was simple and straight-forward to follow.  I was expecting something akin to a solid Rocky Road type cake, but the addition of cream and Total yoghurt gave it more of a mousse consistency, with big chuncky bites of biscuit and fruit and nut.

I have to say, this was quite an expensive dessert (the addition of alcohol in particular bumping the price up), so probably one saved for a special occasion.  If I make it again, I wouldn't use a bag of mixed fruit and nuts, but mix my own.  The packet had far too many nasty plain peanuts in - the sort that should only be used in a net and hung out for the birds.  With good quality brazil, hazelnuts and maybe macadamia nuts, the recipe would be much improved.

I was a little confused at the image which showed a square piece of fridge cake, and the instructions said to use a round cake tin, so I made mine in a tray.

Finally, the recipe suggests it serves 10.  Even for a full-on chocolate lover like me, it was incredibly rich.  I reckon you could cut much smaller servings and maybe serve 20 portions from this amount of ingredients.

I took mine along to a party, and whilst it was indeed delicious, I was really nervous - this bad boy contains pretty much every allergen you can imagine, so not great for serving to strangers.  I felt like I was fending the small children and pregnant ladies away from the alcohol, and hovering over it to make sure it wasn't being consumed by anyone with a nut/dairy/gluten allergy!

Disclosure: I was sent the ingredients for the purpose of testing out this recipe.


  1. Oh it does look good. I can see why you would slightly alter it though. Looks lush though x

  2. my mouth is salivatating, it looks sooo so tempting x
    Perhaps not one to share with children x

  3. Not got time to find all the recipes but have come across a couple already. Looks gorgeous.

  4. Your blog was the hardest clue (in my opinion anyway), so I was really glad I knew you were here. Also, yum.

  5. Looka delicious but v rich, would be great for a special treat though xx