Monday, 3 September 2012

Halloween Mason Jar Crafts

Here's some easy, quick and thrifty ideas for turning empty jam jars / mason jars into spooky Halloween lanterns.  They all use household items, and can be done with children.

Coloured straw jars (top left)

You will need:

Coloured drinking straws
Double sided sticky tape
Empty jar (straight sided works best).

Place two (or three depending on the height of your jar) strips of double sided around your jar.

Cut your straws to the required length and stick on, making sure you leave no gaps.

You can play with altering the length of the straws for a more uneven effect. Add a ribbon to finish.

Mummy jars (top right)

You will need:

White toilet roll
Double sided tape
Empty jar
Googly eyes.

As above, place strips of double sided tape at the top and bottom.

Wrap the toilet roll around - the more haphazard the better the effect.

Secure the end to the tape.

Add your googly eyes.

Spooky Salt Jars (bottom left)

You will need:

Ordinary table salt
Highlighter markers
PVA glue

First stand your marker pens, nib down into a small amount of water at the bottom of a glass.  This will make your coloured dye.  Leave for a few hours or overnight.

Pour some table salt into a food bag and add the dye a few drops at a time.  Hold the bag tightly closed and shake and scooge about until the salt is evenly coloured.

Paint your jar with some watered-down PVA then sprinkle the coloured salt over, gently rapping off the excess.

These make really subtle glowing lanterns, and you can alter the colours for other occassions such as parties and weddings.

Note: Don't leave these outside in the rain or the salt will wash off! Handle with care as the salt will rub off.

Fruit Net Jars (bottom right)

You will need:

Empty fruit nets (oranges and limes are the best colours)
Elastic band
Empty Jar
Ribbon to trim

Sit your jar inside the net, ensuring is stands upright properly.  Secure with an elastic band.

Trim back the net and add a ribbon round the jar rim.

Safety note: Never leave candles unattended.

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  1. fab ideas- thanks for sharing. Do you mind if I pin your ideas to my halloween board?

  2. Oooh they all look fab! What a great choice of "different" types!! :-)

  3. The Mummu Jars are just amazing ;-)

    1. Thank you Ruby - my Ruby had a lot of fun making those x

  4. love the salt jars, and the straws are such a clever idea too. You could use them for other occasions too.

  5. I love the salt jars! I haven't tried those yet but will definitely have a go, thanks for the idea...I have a few jars waiting to be decorated:)

  6. I love all these! You are so creative :-)

  7. The Mason Jar Mummy for Halloween were featured on Cute Mason Jar Craft Ideas. It looks so cute!