Thursday 13 September 2012

Fairies at the bottom of my garden

Shhhh.  If you tiptoe across the lawn, you might just spot the magical Fairy Princess Eyela on her beautiful white steed.

Or perhaps the shy but nimble lily-like elf boy who seems to have a penchant for my French beans.  I'm not sure what the Elf and Safety Department would say about climbing without a harness.

They appear amongst the flowers to those who believe...

Ok, ok not really.

They are part of a beautiful new collection of figures by Schleich for their Bayala Kingdom range.  Each one perfectly detailed, like the yellow blooms in the horse's mane, the glitter tips on Eyela's wings, or indeed the white pants she wears if you tip her over.

Ruby thinks fairy pants are hilarious.  I'm in two minds.  Part of me thinks it's a detail too far, the other part is relieved - what's the alternative?  Some things surely should remain a mystery...

Disclosure: We were sent these figures for the purpose of this review.  They didn't ask me to mention the pants specifically.


  1. Elf boy looks like he is searching for his boyfriend, love the knicker pic

  2. Aww lovely. These are gorgeous, remind me of flower fairies I had as a child. They too had pants x

  3. I know in our house, my boys would have a field day with this! But better the pants than the alternative lol