Tuesday 29 May 2012

Jerky Turkey

Haven't you heard?  A turkey is not just for Christmas.  Oh no my friends, this nutritious, delicious and affordable bird can be a weekday family favourite too.

BritMums are currently promoting the Lean on Turkey campaign, sponsored by www.leanonturkey.co.uk and are challenging bloggers to come up with a recipe to showcase it's versatility.  Did you know that turkey breast has the lowest level of saturated fat of all meats?

Here's my entry...

Sweet, sticky and SPICY - bagsy not washing up

For Jerky Turkey you will need:

Fresh turkey breast - one per person
1 teaspoon dried jerk seasoning
1 tablespoon tomato puree
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons of honey (I don't like honey so I used Agave syrup or similar instead)

Mix your marinade together in a large flat ovenproof dish.

Add your turkey and coat all over with a spoon.  Cover and leave for at least 2 hours - or overnight if possible.

Remove clingfilm and cook at 190 degrees C for approximately 40-45 minutes, checking the meat is thoroughly cooked through before serving.  Alternatively, you can barbecue these for a delicious smokey flavour.

Serve with rice and peas or with a salad and potato wedges.

I made this for the first time for dinner tonight.  The verdict?  The turkey was moist and tender and with just the right mouth-watering amount of spice.  A real hit!  Can't wait to try it on the BBQ.


  1. Did the family gobble it all up with gusto? (sorry!) xx

    1. I did! Him indoors isn't indoors yet so it's congealing nicely on the side for him. Serves him right! Nerr!

    2. Update - he LOVED it :0)

  2. it looks very sticky and tasty *ahem* :D

    1. Ah ok, maybe not so appealing to a vegetarian ;0)

  3. That looks fabulous, I love turkey, and all things Jerk (just look at my hubby!)