Monday 14 May 2012

How to make doll's fairy wands

Who needs clothes when you have a wand?

Ruby already has a fairy wand (naturally!) but she wanted some diminutive ones for her dollies and set me the challenge.

A couple of weeks back I picked up these two brilliant fairy craft books in my local charity shop, so I knew I had to join in with Red Ted Art's Fairy Round-up.

These wands are based on those shown in the Usborne book.  You'll need:

Wooden coffee stirrers (I can't be the only one who steals accidentally picks up more than I need of these)
Card (won't be seen so you can use cereal box type card)
Wool or string (again, won't be seen so you can use any colour)
Shiny foil paper/tin foil (we used Easter Egg wrapping that I'd saved)
Sparkly embellishments and ribbon (optional)

1. Cut out 2 identical star shapes per wand you wish to make.

3. Glue on string/wool in any design or pattern you choose.  This will add a three-dimensional shape to the finished wand - but this part is optional.

4. Once dry, glue or tape the wooden coffee stirrer to the back.

5. Sandwich the matching star on, so the stick is in between and your wool pattern is on the outside.  Then carefully cover it with the foil paper.  Smooth over to reveal the wool patterns underneath.

6. Finish by tying  ribbons to the stick and gluing on sparkles.

Let the magic commence!


  1. Very cute! Perfect for the fairy round up! Ahem.. love the naked dolls... this for after the watershed?

  2. Our dolls are always naked! I tried to *cough* cover their modesty!

  3. Who's a clever lady!
    Did you see the boobs over on my blog - the things I do for Him Indoors!

    1. I've just looked! Very funny - did he eat them or bury his head in them? ;0)

  4. Sweet! My daughter would love to do this.

    1. Ahh thanks Jo - just watch out for naughty doll fairies who make spells to mess bedrooms up! x

  5. Just chucking to myself, how you instinctually picked up the free sticks, when you were with me!! My daughter undresses all her dolls too!

    1. See I can't help myself! Least you know what I use them for now!