Wednesday 23 May 2012

A Fanta - tastic evening with Linda Barker

Apologies for not posting this sooner - I am still a bit in awe of the fact that I was in the same room as the crafty goddess, the lady I credit for making guns cool.  That's guns of the stapling and gluing variety of course - bang bang guns will NEVER EVER be cool kids!

So, what was I and my fellow bloggers doing in a room with the really, really lovely Linda?

You may well ask.  Turns out that in Fanta have collaborated with the craft queen and come up with a Fun Pack full of zesty crafty makes.  Aimed at getting parents to spend quality time with their kids, there are loads of fun ideas from cookery to sewing.

Linda had picked the fruity T shirt project and supplied us with a whole heap of haberdashery heaven to have fun with.  So, we spent a lovely evening hacking, chopping, stencilling and embellishing our t-shirts.

With blogger lovelies Lucy from Lulastic Blog and Kerry from Multiple Mummy

And finally, my finished T - what do you think?  A lovely pair?

So check out the website and download your free pack full of recipes, instructions and templates.  Why don't you also check out the all new Fanta made with real fruit and no artificial colourings.

Disclaimer: I attended this craft event and received a goody bag.


  1. Look like fun - why does no-one ever invite me anywhere? *wails*

    Did you all get home and discover your house had been transformed with MDF shelving and some lovely scatter cushions?

    (On an unrelated note, I hear Australia is lovely at this time of year!)

    1. Sadly I did not get home to find Handy Andy re-doing my kitchen. That would have been aces.

  2. Insert hilarious 'Oooh what a lovely pear/pair!' gag here >< Boo-hoo, still sad I couldn't go to this, although Linda and I might have been forced to have a shoot-out as I'm the queen of glue and staple guns!!

  3. Ooh, jealous! And what a LOVELY pear!

  4. Boom boom! Thank you Chris x

  5. You did an aces job I think. Very jealous you met the gorgeous LB. I'd have love to have gone too! Great blog title! :)

    1. The booklet is aimed at older kids - pre-teens so I think Miss N would love it x

  6. your tee looks classy and superb.
    Linda was really really lovely.
    Great to have met you.

    Liska xxx