Thursday, 19 April 2012

Peppa Pig goes camping

We were sent one of the newest Peppa Pig play sets from Character to try out recently.

It's fair to say, it didn't start well.  For me, my biggest bug-bear is having to hunt out the tool box simply to remove something from it's packaging (why, oh why... don't get me started...)

Ruby was excited about her new toy, until she realised it only came with one figure.  ONE.  To the High Priestess of Bratishness, this is a total insult (I know, I know, she should be more grateful; lots of children don't get any toys; she doesn't realise how lucky she is; when I were a lad we had to play with coal...I did all that.)

So, before I got very cross with her, I left her with her new toy and went and did the hoovering.

Peeping round the door 10 minutes later, I discovered she'd dug out some of her other plastic Peppa Pig family characters, and they were all sitting down to a civilised al fresco lunch and chatting about the sandwich fillings.

Happily, she now concedes that it's a very nice toy, and she's pleased to have it.

Peppa and other assorted friends from her toy box can now flit off at the drop of a hat for a weekend away in the camper van, or simply enjoy a bit of outdoor fun searching out muddy puddles.

From my perspective, it's a nice sized item - not too small to lose the pieces and not too large that you can't take it out with you.  It's more robust than a lot of play sets she has too - always handy if you've got a clumsy pair of size 11s crashing about the house.

Peppa Pig's Camper Van is suitable from age 3 and retails at around £10.

Disclosure: Whilst Ruby can be a brat, I for one am grateful to Character for sending us the set to review.  All opinions expressed are my own and are honest.


  1. My little one loves this toy x

    1. Hi Susan, yes Ruby loves it too. Think she was having an 'off moment'!

  2. Looks a nice toy, but I too really hate packaging that needs you to get out the toolbox!!!!!!!!!! Would also be nice for them to add another figure.

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