Thursday 16 June 2011

Handmade Thursday - Father's Day

Allow me to explain Handmade Thursday, just in case you're new round these parts.  Hosted by the lovely  White Lily Green each week, it's an opportunity for me to take some time out and get crafty, and to share what others have been making.

I spend a lot of time making and doing with Ruby, but it's only recently I've started making the time to craft myself.  I'm not great at it, but I like to try!  God loves a trier.

My Handmade Thursday posts are unlikely to be 'how to' tutorials - more likely they will be 'how not to', but at least you'll know I had fun making my dog's dinners.

I should also say that I find it nigh on impossible to come up with an original idea of my own - I borrow and steal from magazines, other blogs, things I see at craft fairs, you name it.  I do however, credit a particular blog if I've been inspired (or blatantly stolen) an idea.

This one I think is fair game.  I've seen these all over the place, and first saw pieces like this for sale in a swanky tea shop for about £80 each.  Since then I've been scouring car boot sales and charity shops for Scrabble sets - easier said than done as they appear to be the board game equivalent of gold dust.

I had planned to use the bicycle print fabric I have, but saw this wrapping paper in Paperchase and thought it much nicer.

An apt pressie for my other half who is due to be doing the London-Brighton bike ride on Father's Day (which also happens to be his birthday).

Double celebrations mean double presents.  This brings me to my dilemma.  As he is the breadwinner of the family, do I splash out on an expensive present - and effectively spend money he has earned, or do I hope he'd rather have the selection of handmade Father's day / birthday cards; presents and cakes we're planning?  Or would he rather have a new Wii?

What do you think?

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  1. That is stunning! I love it!
    I have this problem with gifts, so I work on the principal that he can have a present of his choice for his birthday! As it gives me a year to save..! I think anyone would love that as a gift! and I now want to go and seek out scrabble sets!!

  2. Ahh thanks hun. Shhh do you know the best bit? The vintage Scrabble set was 50p (loads left to make more), the paper was £1 and the frame from Ikea was about £6 :0)


  3. Always on the look out for Scrabble games on my travels. Saw something similar to this in either the the Cox & Cox or NOTHS catalogues (which I LOVE for borrowing ideas btw). You've created a fab twist on it though with the fabric background.

    Although I'm always saddened that L to B is always on Fathers Day, my OH has done it twice but missed out on two Fathers Days with his kids as a consequence, ah well, hope your OH enjoys his day! x

  4. Looks fab ive also seen similar in the shops costing a fortune so well done you for making your own!
    Might make a welcome one for our hallway theres always loadsa scrabble sets in our hospice shop!
    @missdaisy32 x

  5. Nothing is nicer than a handmade present x

  6. Love it! I've also bought scrabble sets to re-use the tiles :)

  7. Gorgeous Lizzie, this will be far more appreciated for years to come.... The Wii would have ended up covered in dust and replaced by a newer model in 5 years time! x

  8. I love it very sweet and very personal :) @needaphone

  9. I love it (and want it - riding my bike and beating people at scrabble are two joys in my life!)

    I would give other half the selection of hand-made presents - he can buy his own wii with his hard-earned cash, it wouldn't be as personal or thoughtful (or as pretty) as your handmade gifts.

  10. Oh what a lovely idea Liz... I love that paper, it's gorgeous! A wonderful gift x

  11. and thank you for linking up....waheyyy it let me comment as me!

  12. That looks really effective! I'd never have thought of doing something like that. :O)