Monday, 17 January 2011

7 things you didn't know about me - a meme

Yesterday I was tagged by the fabby 'Chelle aka @MammaMcCann over at You can read her post '7 things you didn't know about me' here.

Sounds like a simple enough challenge, right? Wrong! I've realised just how much of myself I share with you guys, both here on the blog and on Twitter, so I've struggled to think of facts about me you don't already know.  I think I've cracked it, but those who know me better may already be aware of some of these (oh, and Mum, if you're reading this you'll probably know most of it already!)

1. I am a twin.  I have a twin brother and he was born before me, so technically I guess that makes me the middle child.  I love both my brothers equally, and wouldn't say I've particularly ever experienced this mysterious 'bond' that twins are supposed to have.  Every now and then I get an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach - a sense of foreboding - and I have to ring him up to check he's ok.  It always turns out to be nothing though.

2. I am 37 next birthday. Which now I come to think of it is only a couple of months away.  Crikey, that means in 3 years time I'll be 40.  Pretty worrying since I still haven't actually figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

3. I am a tea fiend.  I generally drink between 10-12 cups (ok, ok - mugs) of tea per day. They reckon there's roughly half the amount of caffeine in tea compared to coffee, but frankly I don't believe this.  2 cups of coffee is enough to give me a banging headache and a racing heart, yet I can happily drink tea 'til the cows come home.  I hardly ever drink plain water.  I am well aware of the fact that I should drink much more H2O, but in all honestly, unless it's had a teabag dunked in it, I'm not interested.

4.  I've never been on a diet.  I guess I'm fairly lucky that I can eat what I want, when I want, although that's not to say I haven't put on weight since having Ruby.  The fact is I don't care.  Yes, my butt now wobbles when I stand and brush my teeth in the morning, but who cares?

5. I lied to my health visitor and my partner.  I never did my pelvic floor exercises ("yes dear, I do them whenever I'm doing the hoovering").  I am pleased to report that my slovenly attitude to my pelvic muscles has had no adverse effect, and I have never yet peed my pants.

6. I need to adopt a more 'Three wise monkeys' approach.  I really should learn to not get involved and to keep my mouth shut, but I'm afraid that is just not my way.  I have been called as a witness in court 3 times and am awaiting a date for a 4th appearance.  Why oh why do I ever agree to give statements?  Giving evidence in court is a truly horrible experience, and you always end up feeling like the criminal.

7. I cannot sing.  I mean I really cannot sing.  Even Ruby tells me to stop when I'm singing nursery rhymes to her, which is a bit ungrateful if you ask me.  I've mouthed my way through every school assembly, every wedding and funeral, and every parent and toddler group I've ever been to.

That's me.  I hope you now know a little more about me - any surprises?

The rules of this meme state that I now need to tag 15 (blimey, 15!!) other people to take up the challenge too, so here's my list:



  1. Brilliant idea! Loved your facts :)

  2. Ooooooh!!!! Fab facts! Damn you lovely lady!!! I was feeling rather smug that I didn't have to think of 7 things, and they I saw my name... lol! That'll teach me! I'll report back when I've thought of something! I'm a bit boring me! Eeep!

  3. Love your list - does anyone do pelvic floor exercises? thanks for tagging me - how very exciting!!
    I want to know more about your criminal trial experiences!

  4. I giggled at the pelvic floor muscles bit! Very entertaining post and I'll definitely get on and do mine very soon :O) Thanks for tagging me.

  5. Haha! Thanks guys :0)

    As for pelvic floor exercises, I suspect they were invented by some perv in the medical profession who gets a cheap kick out of thinking about millions of women clenching their lady bits as they go about their business!


  6. LOL I love it. You are hilarious. You have the right type of attitude, it's great to learn more about you and thanks for the tag. x

  7. Apart from not being a twin (or having taken part in a criminal trial) I wouldn't need to alter this much for my seven facts - I recognise myself completely. Except I'm waaay older than you, and can say that it might be too early for the effects of not having done your pelvic floor exercises to show, atischoo!

  8. Bless you Molly! LOL.

    Maybe I'd better start clenching :0)

  9. A great list. Nearly every adult twin I have spoken to that is non-ID has said the same to me that they do not have that intuitive bond. I just hope my girlies stay close.

    Mich x

  10. did anyone do their pelvic floor muscles?

  11. Hah! I lied about the pelvic floor exercises too. Haven't done a single one.

    A lovely list, nice to pop over from Hello it's Gemma.

  12. Thanks for tagging me. I loved reading your post! Loving that you are a tea fiend - I rarely drink water too and get into so much trouble from hubby!

  13. yes dear, I do them whenever I'm doing the hoovering