Monday, 31 January 2011

Winner of the Chocadores Valentine chocolates is...

I was overwhelmed by the amount of entries for this competition!!

It has taken me over an hour to count them all up and check the required question was answered.

There were well over 400 eligible entries, and most of you opted for the extra entries - you guys really want this chocolate, and who can blame you!!

Anyhow, the numbers were crunched by my mate Mr, however when I was going back to my notebook to check whose lucky number had come up, I pressed something and lost the screen (it went to some weird dice roll thingamajig!).

But I can assure you it was all above board, and the winner was....

@cheepcheepcheep Please can you DM me your address so I can pass it on to Chocadores.

Huge congratulations and thank you so much to everyone who entered.  Lovely that you all put so much thought into your entries, and I'm sure Chocadores are very grateful for all your suggestions - keep an eye on their news, who knows you may even see your suggestion in their store soon!


  1. kathryn mackinnon31 January, 2011 21:47

    Oh my god!!! So happy. I've been desperate to try them. Thanks so much. DMing you now. Kxxx

  2. Well done and enjoy your chocs! Karen x