Saturday, 15 January 2011

Handcrafted Jewellery - by Sherieann

I've been chatting with the lovely Sherieann (aka @RedRoses4) on Twitter for ages now, and I was familiar with her hand-crafted jewellery and charms through her tweets.

It's lovely to see that she's finding an outlet for her talents, having now set up her online shop and started attending craft fairs.  Recently, I spotted a new addition to her shop, and had to snap it up.  It was this charming little owl bookmark.

I love owls, and it was such a bargain - only £3.  Frankly I cannot understand why she sells her beautiful items so reasonably, but as a customer it was amazing value for money, especially as the bookmark is so well-made; the price included postage; and the item arrived in lovely packaging including it's own little sparkly organza bag.

I think these would make wonderful little impromptu gifts - maybe a thank you present, or a gift for a teacher and they'd be ideal for an alternative Easter present for an older child (there's lots of Hello Kitty items in her shop)

I've never used this type of bookmark before (in fact I'd seen them at craft fairs and didn't realise what they were!), but I'm very pleased with how it functions.  It looks pretty and feminine so there's no danger of the old man nicking it off me!  I have loads of regular boring bookmarks scattered about the house, but in truth I never use them.  I generally leave my book face-down, opened on the page I'm at on my bedside table. However, after the umpteenth time of Ruby picking the book up and losing my place, I decided I needed a decent bookmark.  This is such a joy - it means now when I fall into bed, I don't have to spend 10 minutes trying to find where I'd got to!

There are some beautiful beaded bracelets which would be perfect for a Valentine's gift (hint, hint!), like this Hearts Galore bracelet with Murano glass beads and silver plated heart charms.  I can't believe it's only £5!

Sherieann also makes phone charms, handbag charms, keyrings and other jewellery.  My next purchase I think may well be a keyring as I'm forever fumbling about it the bottom of my handbag for my front door key.  Please take a moment to look at her store, I'm sure you'll find something you like.


I noticed last week that Sherieann had added a new line to her shop. She really is a lady after my own heart, as she is now repairing and selling recycled, vintage jewellery.  I wanted to update this post to tell you all about these fabulous items, but then I went and bought half of her stock! Oops, but at least you can see I do put my money where my mouth is!

I was taken by the gorgeous vintage green beads she had in her store, and knew whey would match perfectly with a jumper I have, so I snapped them up.  I was not disappointed. They have been expertly re-strung, a new clasp added, and now they can be given a new lease of life.

I have seen too many broken strings of beads, and necklaces with missing clasps languishing in charity shops, car boot sales and even in my own jewellery box.  It is heartbreaking, and to me Sherieann is a beady super-hero, rescuing and breathing life back into beautiful pieces, for people who don't have the time, skill or equipment to fix them.

Being vintage, these items are obviously unique, so if you spot something you love, you should snap it up quickly - I don't expect these beauties will hang around for long.  I love this unusual perfume bottle pendant necklace, and it's only £6.

Take a look at the vintage section and see if there's anything that takes your fancy, and if you follow @RedRoses4 on twitter you'll never miss new products being added.

This is NOT a sponsored post, but I was so impressed with my purchase I wanted to share. x


  1. My mum has one of Sherrianne's owl bookmarks too, and she loves it. It's really cute and practical too. I can highly recommend Sherrianne's jewellery and her excellent customer service too. :O)

  2. I love that bracelet! Will check her out now!

  3. oh what a cute bookmark! I've just recently joined our local library in Forest Hill in a bid to keep to help keep it open and keep folding my pages back to mark my place...looks like I need a bookmark too *off I go to check out the website* :)

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