Monday 5 November 2012

Magpie Monday - back in the saddle

Apologies for my disappearance last week.  I think it's the first Monday since Magpie Monday began that there hasn't been a post.  Sorry, I was too drunk disorganised  to organise a guest host.

We've spent a glorious week at Liss Ard in West Cork, and I pretty much managed to totally switch off.  It was long overdue!

Firmly back in Blighty now, I needed to get my junk fix - Mr O'Leary and his Ryanair crew wouldn't permit me to bring home thrifty hauls unless I paid a whopping excess baggage charge, so I had to leave some Irish charms behind.

Saturday we went to a good old fashioned British jumblie and boy was it a brutal affair.  I managed to force myself to the front and snaffled a few goodies.

A whole stash of fabric, some of which is vintage Heal's (squeals!).

A cute box of mini wooden dominoes for crafting purposes.

A selection of hurricane lamps/jars for Christmas decorating lushness.  I'm thinking: moss; pine cones and pure white church candles...

It was worth the bruises!

Over a cup of tea and a slice of cake, I got talking to a lovely girl who totally gave me the lowdown on buying and selling on Facebook and told me which local groups to join.  I can't wait to check that out, and kick fee paying to Ebay and Paypal into touch.  So all in all, a good Saturday's work!

What thrifty pleasures have you found?

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  1. Glad you had a nice holiday, I bet you were gutted that you had to leave Irish goodies behind...I would have cried, lol.
    Loving the fabric stash x

  2. Mean old Ryanair! Welcome back to Blighty, lovely finds, esp the fabric. Will you be sharing your new-found wheeler dealer knowledge? I do hope so. Glad to have you back honey. x

  3. I have serious fabric envy!

    You definitely deserved a break. I've linked up the blogpost I was planning to link up last week but I promise to get back on track next week.


  4. Welcome back! But how sad that you couldnt bring any goodies back home with you :-(
    Aqeela xx

  5. I didn't even know you could sell on Facebook??? Sounds interesting. Great fabrics!

  6. I ended up getting my thrifting post ready, so I hooked on up. Thank you for hosting.

  7. Hi there I've linked to my website but not the right post which is called Inspire Me. It also happens to be a linky post. Love the idea of Magpie Monday.

    1. I found it (lovely post btw!) and changed your linky, I hope that's ok x

  8. The fabric looks awesome! I've never heard of selling on facebook... sounds interesting, as I hate all those fees, too!

  9. Hiya, bit late and not a find made by me but by my auntie but it is second hand!

    I love hurricane lanterns - well anything to do with candles and twinkly lights really - moss and pinecones sounds lovely. Or vintage baubles would be nice too. x

  10. All great goodies! I especially love the dominoes!

  11. Looks like some very cool vintage patterns in that stack of fabric! I picked up a 1961 vintage Barbie board game this week - fun!

  12. I can never seem to find hurricane lanterns, you are so so lucky. Just posted on to my last post, as it is a run down of last weekends fnds. Just been recommended your blog by emma kate at painted style and I am glad she did xx